0 New 200 Meters High TV Tower

New 200 Meters High TV Tower

Posted on August 11, 2014 by team

It took them only six months to build a new Krasnoyarsk TV tower in 2013, its height is 199,4 meters (including the lightning-rod). Such altitude allows to observe awesome views but being in the tower during its operation is rather dangerous, that is why they arrange scheduled preventive maintenance quarterly. One of them gave a chance to gelio, the blogger, to take these interesting pictures of the city.

The TV tower stands on the high bank of the Yenisei river, on the territory of the satellite center “Orbit”. It covers 49 inhabited localities (42% of the total population of the Krasnoyarsk region).

Tower’s illumination consists of twenty eight spotlights.

Construction higher than 40 meters over the ground was held by means of a mobile crane.

The tower was being erected by the crew consisting of seven members!

Total weight of the whole metal structure is equal to 350 tons, weight of the foundation  – to 550 tons.

Top of the old 100-meters high TV tower that was replaced with a new one.

Hostels of the Siberian Federal University.

Construction of a residential complex “Orbit”.


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