10 Soviet Mission In Afghanistan

Soviet Mission In Afghanistan

Posted on August 11, 2014 by team

Afghanistan has always been a key to Asia and in all times it was becoming a center of geopolitical interests of different empires. For centures they made attempts to conquer Afghanistan, they located communities and sent military advisers there. Thus, in 1979 it was the Soviet troops that entered the country. Pictures of that ten years lasting mission are presented below in the post.

Soviet tanks near Kabul (AP Photo).

Afghan military helicopter covers the Soviet convoy delivering food and fuel to Kabul. Afghanistan, January 30, 1989. (AP Photo | Liu Heung Shing)


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10 Responses to “Soviet Mission In Afghanistan”

  1. gotoluhan says:

    USSR misadventure at Afghanistan,US & Nato currently trying their luck too,but they met the similar fate..fruitless

  2. boriska says:


  3. lortea says:

    I’m hoping that Ukrainians can throw away russian occupiers from Donetsk in much shorter time.

    • ae says:

      Well, if you are born and live on your Land
      you can’t be Invader … Can You?

      Only Bandera Pigs who came with Tanks,from Lviv and Kiev (800km far away) are Invaders and Occupiers!!!
      But People od Donetsk and Lugansk will get FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE !

    • Sole Survivor says:


      You can’t throw away ‘occupiers’ who have been living in there for centuries. Try something else…

  4. Ubi One says:

    make me remember all the scene on Rambo 2. All Afghan landscape and all soviet army. just same to the photos.

  5. annie says:

    what a handsome young man in the last picture! hope he’s still alive:(

  6. Chac Mool says:

    Afghanistan is the sad result of the Cold War struggle between two SuperPowers. And none has given a damn thing about the Afghans.

  7. Ivan says:

    partisans, rebels? Are you kidding? This is a islamists and terrorists

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