10 Soviet Mission In Afghanistan

Soviet Mission In Afghanistan

Posted on August 11, 2014 by team

Afghanistan has always been a key to Asia and in all times it was becoming a center of geopolitical interests of different empires. For centures they made attempts to conquer Afghanistan, they located communities and sent military advisers there. Thus, in 1979 it was the Soviet troops that entered the country. Pictures of that ten years lasting mission are presented below in the post.

Soviet tanks near Kabul (AP Photo).

Afghan military helicopter covers the Soviet convoy delivering food and fuel to Kabul. Afghanistan, January 30, 1989. (AP Photo | Liu Heung Shing)

Afghan refugees, May, 1980 (AP Photo).

Mujahidins. Herat, Afghanistan, February 28, 1980 (AP Photo | Jacques Langevin).

Muslim rebels with AK-47, February 15, 1980. Notwithstanding the presence of the Soviet and Afghan governmental troops, the rebels were patrolling the mountain ranges along the Afghan border with Iran (AP Photo | Jacques Langevin).

Soviet troops on their way to Afghanistan in the mid 1980s (Georgi Nadezhdin | AFP | Getty Images).

Muslim rebels in the vicinity of Kabul, February 21, 1980. At that time they were attacking convoys moving from Pakistan to Afghanistan (AP Photo).

Soviet soldiers overwatching the area. (AP Photo | Estate of Alexander Sekretarev).

Two Soviet captured soldiers (AFP | Getty Images).

Afghan partisans on the top of the damaged Soviet helicopter Mi-8, January 12, 1981 (AP Photo).

Before the withdrawal of Soviet troops in 1988 Mujahids had never managed to arrange any big operation or occupy any big city (AP Photo | Barry Renfrew). Exact number of Afghan victims in the war is unknown. Generally it is presumed that 1 million Afghani died (available estimates range from 670 thousand civilians to two million in general).

An Afghan leader Ahmad Shah Massoud in the company of Mujahids, 1984 (AP Photo | Jean-Luc Bremont).

Curious enough, but according to the UN information on the demographic situation in Afghanistan mortality in Afghanistan reduced in the period from 1980 to 1990 compared to the previous periods.

An Afghan partisan with an American shoulder-fired missile “Stinger”, 1987 (AP Photo | David Stewart Smith). Estimated Soviet losses are equal to fifteen thousand people.

Soviet soldiers are leaving an Aghan shop in the center of Kabul, April 24, 1988 (AP Photo | Liu Heung Shing). 800 million dollars were taken from the budget of the USSR annually to support the government of Kabul.

The village destroyed during combat operations between Mujahids and Afghan soldiers in Salang, Afghanistan (AP Photo | Laurent Rebours).

Mujahids ten kilometers from Herat are waiting for a Soviet convoy to show up, February 15, 1980 (МAP Photo | Jacques Langevin).

Soviet soldiers with dogs trained to find mines, Kabul, May 1, 1988 (AP Photo | Carol Williams).

Wrecked Soviet vehicles in the north-east of Pakistan, February, 1984 (AP Photo).

Mujahids with an antiaircraft mount, July 20, 1986 (AP Photo | Berry Renfrew).

Soviet aircraft landing in the airport of Kabul, February 8, 1989 (AP Photo | Boris Yurchenko).

Sovit plane, cars and shells at the air base of Kabul, January 23, 1989 (AP Photo | Liu Heung Shing).

Soviet soldiers in Kabul, February 10, 1989 (AP Photo | Laurent Rebours).

Afghan firemen with a girl who died in the result of a powerful explosion in the center of Kabul, May 14, 1988 (AP Photo | Liu Heung Shing)

Soviet soldiers in the center if Kabul, October 19, 1986 (Daniel Janin | AFP | Getty Images).

Soviet and Afghan officers posing to press in the center of Kabul, October 20, 1986 (Daniel Janin | AFP | Getty Images).

Soviet troops withdrawal from Aghanistan, May 1988 (Douglas E. Curran | AFP | Getty Images).

Soviet tanks and military trucks are leaving Afghanistan, February 7, 1989 (AP Photo).

When the Soviet troops left the country, the situation on the Soviet-Afghan border became much more complicated: the Soviet territory was attacked in multiple ways.

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  1. gotoluhan says:

    USSR misadventure at Afghanistan,US & Nato currently trying their luck too,but they met the similar fate..fruitless

  2. boriska says:


  3. lortea says:

    I’m hoping that Ukrainians can throw away russian occupiers from Donetsk in much shorter time.

    • ae says:

      Well, if you are born and live on your Land
      you can’t be Invader … Can You?

      Only Bandera Pigs who came with Tanks,from Lviv and Kiev (800km far away) are Invaders and Occupiers!!!
      But People od Donetsk and Lugansk will get FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE !

    • Sole Survivor says:


      You can’t throw away ‘occupiers’ who have been living in there for centuries. Try something else…

  4. Ubi One says:

    make me remember all the scene on Rambo 2. All Afghan landscape and all soviet army. just same to the photos.

  5. annie says:

    what a handsome young man in the last picture! hope he’s still alive:(

  6. Chac Mool says:

    Afghanistan is the sad result of the Cold War struggle between two SuperPowers. And none has given a damn thing about the Afghans.

  7. Ivan says:

    partisans, rebels? Are you kidding? This is a islamists and terrorists

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