10 An Abandoned College of Jet Engines

An Abandoned College of Jet Engines

Posted on August 9, 2014 by tim

Even that this college is abandoned it is still full of jet engines and their parts, different schemes and other goodies that were essential in educating students on the matters of the jet science. Deletant, the blogger, has sneaked into this place and now we too can see what is left there. Come see inside.

This college occupied a three storied building in the centre of the city.

This is a mural of the people considered to be the pioneers in Russian rocket science.

Details of this place reflect the connection with planes.

Deletant says that no much rocket engines were left here. Last year they visited the place there were much more, but as he thinks all was turned into scrap.

In this room, behind thick metal doors students could run real life rocket jet engines and watch how they do thru this small window. 

The college had its own production area with numerous workshops. 

Now only the posters are left behind.  

Second floor is where the classes were held. 

There are still tons of blueprints and documents left. 

Here the classes of steel structure were held or something like this – students studied how steel reacts to different external disturbances and just different other things about steel, its structure etc. 

Vintage educational films.

Photos of the students and graduates.

And this room was the physics class. 

This gadget was used to demonstrate the pressure of the light. 1953. 

A chemistry lab.

Some chemicals are still there. 

You know what? Looks like they even still have some acids there!

And more chemicals.

Thanks to Deletant for his trip!


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10 Responses to “An Abandoned College of Jet Engines”

  1. George says:

    Another area where the russians would be FAR behind if they had not stolen everything they needed to know.
    They were given plans to a jet engine by the Brits as a gesture of goodwill, then turned around and stole from them because they couldn’t make it work (they stole the high temp alloy metals).
    It’s like most countries get excited by saying “Oh look what we came up with! Look what we invented!”
    Where the russians seem to think it’s better to say “Look what we stole from another country!”

    • a@a.a says:

      The only thing one could steal from the Brits is gay sex and teenage pregnancy.
      Every country nowdays claims that their technology has been “stolen” by someone else.

    • ae says:

      Well their version,Klimov VK-1 is almost in everything better than Original Rolls royce Nene,It is Bigger engine with greater Diameter,have a better Thrust,Better Response and shorter Spool up time and have a extended Life time.But catch is that British sold them engine with RADIAL design,which is in that time Obsolete technology with no future!
      Probably you don’t know but present generation of engines are AXIAL, and differences are Huge!!!
      They work quite different,than RADIAL engines.
      Other thing is that production of VK-1 lasted only 10 years.And from that time passed over 50 years :)
      There are 3 generations of Turbo jet engines,and than came a present TurboFan engines which works
      different if we compare it with Turbojet engines.
      Well Soviets are Pioneers in Turbofan technology so your statement that they stole everything is just a LEGACY of COLD WAR PROPAGANDA! ;)
      Soviets copied only in time of Djugashvili Stalin,but when Krushchev came in power the things became very different. After that time you may see some simmilarity with other designs but if you look up in dimensions,Aerodynamics , Profiles,used materials and final Performances, you will see that is basicaly design from scratch !!!
      So Your Comment is Childish
      And please find me one more example of Turbojet or Turbofan engine that Soviets copied from the Other producers after the R&R nene?
      Now let me tell you,you won’t find any!
      AL-7,AL-21,AL-25,Saturn AL-31,AL-37FU,R-11-300,R13-300,R25-300,Tumansky R-15BD-300, R-29-300, R-31-300,R-195,RD-9,Klimov RD-33,RD-36-51,Kuznetsov NK-25,NK-321,D30-F6,Mikulin AM-3, Dobrynin RD-7..and many more
      Soviet Military engines are Unique Designs
      Some of them are Best in calls (in their times).

  2. Tesla says:

    Oh yeah and the americans didn’t steal of course…or rather “invited” all the german scientist during and after WWII which accelerated their miserable space program at the time by decades. Kudos to their achievements then hey ?
    its 2014…get over it….how much of an idiot does one gotta be to still be hung up on shit like that ? americans steal from europe all the time and spy on their allies….it all goes back and forth, who cares.

  3. João says:

    Well, back in time Edison stole Tesla, so…

  4. Muzzlehatch says:

    Most of America’s “industrial revolution” in the early 19th century was based on intellectual and material piracy on a grand scale, much of it stolen from Britain, and we were quite open about it, too.
    The 1903 Springfield rifle was based on Mauser design, with no royalties paid until the US government was forced to pony up, and the Welin interrupted-screw breech for artillery pieces was heisted from the British Vickers company around 1900.

  5. The Swede says:

    Who fking cares ? get a li..

  6. javox says:

    for what i read, its true, the british gave a roll royce engine and the soviet built the same or some sort of it but the metal that were usin couldnt resist, so in a visit to the plant one of the general stepped on the shaving from the hight temp alloy metal and then they could know what kind of metal were usin for the engine, i dont know if that story is true but i read it in couples of history books, and im from argentina, no propaganda or anythin like that i guess

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