0 Lander Rescue on the Sea

Lander Rescue on the Sea

Posted on August 7, 2014 by team

Serious drill has been held in the waters of Ussuri Bay, Russia – rescue forces of the Pacific fleet, representatives of air forces, air defence, Russian aviation, “Roskosmos” were involved in the event. All together, they were searching the sea for the crew of the descent vehicle and picking them up.

Rescue ship “Alagez” getting ready for training.

Full-scale model of the lander “Soyuz-TMA”.

The lander was transported to the site of the drill by “Il-76″ aircraft.

An-26 trying to detect the location of the lander.

Pilots of the naval aviation wing managed to find the lander.

The lander was hoisted on the surface at low speed.

The medical crew are ready to provide help to the cosmonauts.

Such drills are held several times a year.

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