45 Russian Girl Pays a Visit to Kim Jong iL (14 photos)

Russian Girl Pays a Visit to Kim Jong iL (14 photos)

Posted on August 6, 2014 by team


The strongest girl on the planet, Maryana Naumova, wrote a letter to Kim Jong-iL and asked him to show her his country which is so much rumoured about. The response was not long in coming. Now we have 14 photos of Maryana visiting Kim Jong-Il

The girl from Moscow, world record holder 2010-2013, considers herself to be a Komsomol member too and says that the pioneer organization still exists in Russia.


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45 Responses to “Russian Girl Pays a Visit to Kim Jong iL (14 photos)”

  1. Diogo Terra says:

    A priest in North Korea?

    • Ivanoff says:

      Yes, there are priests in North Korea, not just tanks and hungry people. Just shows what propaganda garbage western media feeds us about the so called axis of evil countries.

      • John says:

        What about the propaganda garbage that N. Korea feeds the world???

      • Elan Jacobs says:

        You have no clue what you’re talking about. There is a token religious presence there to make it look like you have a choice. All these photos are of Pyongyang, the capital where the upper class live. The moment you step out of the city there’s poverty and starvation everywhere.
        THESE PHOTOS are the propaganda.

        • Bianca says:

          You seem to know EVERYTHING, yet, it is clear what you think you know comes from the images produced by our formula-driven media. Countries that are not our protectorates must be grey, hungry, sad and live in fear of their dictators. There may be more happiness and life there, then there is in a lonely existence of urban, bills inundated, brain-deadening media saturated lives of our “free” society. Open mind to DIFFERENCES. Do not poo-poo what you do not understand, and a simple story of a girl that wanted to reach out to her peers — is just little too pure for the twisted minds that we have developed in western societies.

      • D says:

        Not sure what part of keeping priests in your country makes you less evil.

  2. Tutan Camon says:

    Maryana like hammers……

  3. John A. says:

    Surely she knows she that she didn’t see the “whole story” She saw and observed what the North Korean’s wanted her to see. This posting is a waste of time and space.

    • Salem says:

      Alright haven’t you see Poor America documentary ? that’s is top of ice mountain if you don’t know .

  4. Froggy says:

    Very interesting – Many thanks for bringing this report .

    I thought Komsomol had been disbanded ??
    Could some Russian nationals currently living in Russia comment & confirm ?

    Many thanks

  5. Rob Norman says:

    How beautiful she is, the strongest girl in the World. How exciting to visit North-Korea.
    It is true that we, especially in the western country’s learn about North-Korea from TV and Internett, and very much of what we learn is false, propaganda from USA and shown in a way to us so we get an negative impression of this country.
    I really hope North_Korea is better than many of us believe and that people don’t suffer the way learned to us.

    • Elan Jacobs says:

      Poverty and starvation is the truth. These pics are of the capital where the upper class live, outside there is nothing.
      People suffer in North Korea the same as in the labor camps of Siberia. That is the truth.

      • Truth Seeker says:

        Poverty and starvation is the truth. These pics are of the Seattle where the upper class live, outside (Takoma, Olimpia, etc.)there is nothing. People suffer in USA the same as in the Somalia. That is the truth. “Labor camp of Siberia” – starange… Is it like “Freedom of Speech in US”?

  6. Ubi One says:

    North Korean seems to be different than rumors told us. Still a beautiful city to visit.

  7. George says:

    I would hope she didn’t meet kim jong il, he’s dead.
    kim jong un is the leader now.

    I would hope that girl is smart enough to realize that she is only seeing what they want her to see. The starvation, the prison camps, are not going to be shown to her. Please tell me she’s not that stupid.

    I can see the starvation on those people when they march, and show their parades on TV. You can tell because they’re so small, and their uniforms are ill-fitting, and their necks are very small, gaunt looking people.

    Two things will happen if they ever have to go to war with somebody.
    Many will die from starvation, or simply worked to death.
    And many more will die if they come in contact with lots of “real food” because their bodies are not used to eating such high fat foods. Much like the concentration camp survivors in WWII, you had to feed them very slowly at first, get their bodies used to eating again. If you just gave them a loaf, some cheese and sausage, they’d eat themselves to death.

  8. dafuq says:

    Total propaganda and live theater performance by “DPR”K. Propably girl is told to lie too or incredible stupidity and sence of reality is involved. What a great way to strenghten relations between Russia and NK, lies on top of lies. Phone is taken from every tourist. This was no tourism, this was politics.

  9. dafuq says:

    And also: it’s a shame these lies are written here on englishrussia also, you know any of that isn’t true. ALSO Kim Jong Il is dead, you have a typo.

  10. Muzzlehatch says:

    Kim Jong-il is dead, it’s his son, Jong-un, who is the ruler now.
    Kim’s great-grandparents were Christian, so the government allows a token religious presence in the country.

  11. CZenda says:

    “…and if you push this, the thing goes like wheez-bang, and look – here we are.”

  12. dafuq says:

    Oh it wasn’t deleted, just waiting for moderation, sry about that. Delete the third comment, not the two first, thanks. And delete this comment also.

  13. lortea says:

    So nice to visit friendly country. To made opposition for USA-controlled UN, some friendly states should made a new United Nations of friendly states. North Korea, Russia, Islamic Caliphate, Sudan and Venezuela will be welcomed!

    • Elan Jacobs says:

      USA controlled UN? HA!!
      The Arab states control the UN, that’s why there are dozens of resolutions against Israel, but not one condemning the Arab/Muslim States for the atrocities in Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Iraq or anywhere else.
      The UN is a joke.

  14. F. de Wit says:

    I guess you mean Kim Jong-Un. Kim Jong Il died in 2011. His ressurection would be a miracle not even seen in North Korea!

  15. Otis R. Needleman says:

    She has strong muscles but is otherwise utterly clueless.

  16. paul says:

    a very naive little russian girl. treated to a political tour.

  17. kpttuck says:

    This is all just a state sponsored fake tour. There are North Korean defectors in South Korea. The South Koreans can pick them out as they are short in stature due to malnutrition while they were children in North Korea,

  18. lololski says:

    lol!! this haircut flashy style is not acceptable in n.korea …you can be executed!

  19. Froggy says:

    Wonder if North-Koreans touring the USA would be taken to Detroit, Cincinnati or Cleveland where more than a third of the population is living well below the US Gvt’s own poverty income level ?

    • Dirk The Impailer says:

      North Korean tourists can go anywhere in the USA that they desire. Other than a few military bases (that even American citizens can’t visit for security purposes), there would be no limits to where a North Korean could visit during a trip to the USA. I’m not sure why anyone would want to visit a cesspool like Detroit, but nothing is stopping them.

  20. Jules says:

    A new version of Potemkin villages…

  21. Ryan says:

    It is sad that this gifted and pretty Russian girl seems to have been fed propaganda and lies in Russia first, before even going to North Korea. For her to be a communist, if a 13 year old in 2014 could actually know what communism/Marxism is, and what it did to her people in Russia & Eastern/Central Europe, is very sad indeed.

    To look up to people like Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, etc. is so very wrong. If it was her parents that brought her up believing in the teachings and doings of these people, then shame on them. I hope when she gets older, she will be able to really examine how flawed their political ideology has always been.

    • Lata says:

      I don’t know who is fed propaganda, someone who sits far away and tell us about N. Korea or someome who visitis it and tell us what it saw! Has it ever occur to u that u may be the one fed propaganda?

  22. Ryan says:

    Also, another good book about North Korea, that tells the stories of the lives of a few ordinary North Korean citizens, from their childhoods up until when they finally escaped the country, is a book called ‘Nothing To Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea’ by Barbara Demick.

  23. Max says:

    I’m just wondering if she is a daughter of Nikolai Valuev. To me they do share some facial features?

  24. Conor says:

    Mock all you want, I’d never criticize someone who wants to improve the world.

  25. Nicodem says:

    Lol, powerlifting does not require to be smart …
    She, and her father definitly lack of smartness.

    The power of propaganda …

  26. Steven Hayden says:

    The people of DPRK had one third of civilian population killed by bombing. They are different and had to be to survive UN and US hostilities. They are decent humans deserving of respect for surviving against all efforts of US and UN. Now they thrive with nukes. I visited there with my US family . They treat you kindly. The harshness of their society is necessity to the adversity and hostility imposed upon them by USA. The USA and UN helped create the totalitarian regime of DPRK which is necessary part of its survival.

  27. Koolz says:

    Very Smart Girl! Everything people hear about North Korea is a total lie spun by Zionist Jews which they call the West.(people still believe in the WW2 crap) They fail to have any intelligence in doing research about these people and there agenda. They fail to realize when some silly President says Axis of Evil he is talking about Countries that are not under those Jewish Banks!
    This is the same thing that should have happened to Libya before Zionists Jews Blew it away and made it into a chaotic mess killing it’s leader.
    She is correct about sports! It is one activity that relies on nothing , race, religion, it is just a group of people participating in a Sport!
    She wants to visit Syria fantastic! Visit Iran too!

  28. SH says:

    The DPRK is not anti Jewish having a picture of Karl Marx in main square for decades. Nor can it be called anti Zionist . It has not parked a nuclear submarine in the Mediterranean outside Israel yet . It did not give nukes to Iran or Hezbollah. It sought to live in peace while developing the largest nuclear stockpile it could muster. Its destiny will find it out.

  29. SH says:

    The rumor of first nuclear subs is just now coming out of DPRK. see w w 38 north dot o r g

  30. GeroNimo says:

    If you look outside the city without a guide, I believe you.

  31. ffffff says:

    The girl is a dog of North Korea.

  32. SH says:

    The girl is not racist .She is caring kind open minded .She is a fine human.

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