7 Russian Veterans in Vietnamesse Embassy

Russian Veterans in Vietnamesse Embassy

Posted on August 5, 2014 by tim

In Moscow embassy of Vietnam a party for Russian army veterans was held. It seems to be an annual event when representatives of Vietnam invite Soviet soldiers to thank them for their help during the Vietnamese war. It’s being held on fifth of August, the day on which it is said that the first American plane was shot down in the Vietnam skies. Vitaliy, the blogger, has had a chance to get inside this event to see what was happening there. We have the photos inside.


In total, they say over 11,000 Russian soldiers and officers participated in Vietnamese events. 

This is a Vietnamese medal that Soviet specialist were awarded.

Some of the veterans know each other.

In this photo, the ambassador of Vietnam in Russia greets and hugs the guests.

The event was started with musical performances. 

Many of those present display Vietnamese awards on their chests.

Vietnamese singers perform Russian and Soviet war songs. 

Some songs like “The Officers” the guests preferred to listen to while standing up.

Later, they sang Vietnamese songs. Some Russian veterans seemed to know the lyrics and could sing along.


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7 Responses to “Russian Veterans in Vietnamesse Embassy”

  1. Erik Johnson says:

    Thank you for giving
    us a look into our past
    and to our present .

  2. Ohio Mike says:

    You left out North.

  3. George says:

    Somebody has to thank the guys flying those Migs.

  4. Ronald says:

    Moderators: please disregard and remove the above comment, it will only stir things up.

    • Soviet Samurai says:

      They should only be allowed to post comments by Americans demonizing Russia otherwise its propaganda.

  5. lortea says:

    But finally Vietnam won the war and now is independent country free from russian occupiers.

    • MAXDMG says:

      You wanted to write from the American invaders? Vietnam was bombed only due to the fact that he is a Communist, whether it is fascism?

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