0 An Abandoned Command Control Center

An Abandoned Command Control Center

Posted on August 3, 2014 by tim

Alexey has paid a visit to an abandoned Soviet command control center somewhere in Ural where he lives. He says he saw this structure ten years ago but couldn’t enter it at that time. Now he went there again and succeeded in getting in.

He says that locals probably put this sign up.

Here it is a disguised entrance to the command center.

This is a hallway leading to the main entrance.

And a unidentified structure on top of the complex.

In some places the outer layer of the Earth has been displaced over time and the underground concrete structure is peeking through.

And this is another entrance inside the complex. It is more like a “front door”.

So he enters here and notes that it is pretty neat and clean, and not even damp.

The entrance tunnel gradually turns into a main hallway.

Which leads to a few doors.

Some doors are absent, but some are still present.

Here the author has taken a look back towards the entrance.

And this is a simple map of the place he has made. He says that the complex is aligned to the North-South Earth alignment. With this map its easier to relate to photos.

For example below is a photo of a hallway number two.

And this is room number three. It is the largest room here. The whole complex is built from concrete slabs that were usually used to form the foundations of residential and civil buildings in USSR.

And this is a room from the middle. The author says rooms in the middle are much wider than the ones on the sides. This is room number 4 in the map and the doorway you can see in front leads to room number six, the passage on the left leads to room number five which is in photo below.

This is the fifth room.

That’s room number nine. The door is to room 10, which is probably the diesel generators station.

That’s  a restroom which comes by number twelve.


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