1 Forbidden Place to Visit in Chernobyl

Forbidden Place to Visit in Chernobyl

Posted on August 2, 2014 by tim

We have posted different photo reports from Chernobyl and the exclusion zone. It’s not very hard to get there nowadays as there are special companies that sell guided tours. However, there are still some places that are practically impossible to visit, at least without breaking the policies regarding local visitors restrictions. One such place is.. the power plant itself. The epicenter of the event, the place where the explosion itself happened in 1986.

However there are people who get very close to this. They get that close that they can peek inside and have a chance of getting inside the fifth block of the station – the one next to the exploded (fourth) one. Here is a photo report from Alexander, who got a chance of doing this.

The photos are really creepy to me, you can almost feel what happened there.

This is, as Alexander says, a normal view of the power plant that has been seen by visitors numerous times before.

Or like this in winter. However, a few got a chance of crossing the stream and entering INTO the plant.


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  1. saro says:

    Alexander will in the future grow a mutant arm out of his back now that he got into the power plant itself..

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