3 Airborne Fountains 2014

Airborne Fountains 2014

Posted on August 2, 2014 by tim

A few days ago there was a NAVY Day, now on the second of August, there is an Airborne Troops Day. This day was famous in Soviet times and then in Modern Russia as the day when ex-airborne soldiers meet up in the city, drink and celebrate it in their style. Fountains appear to be their main points of attraction and here is a report from a big golden fountain in Moscow during Airborne Day.

It’s not that easy to climb a working big golden metal shiny fountain, but airborne means there is nothing that is impossible.


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3 Responses to “Airborne Fountains 2014”

  1. tsapai says:

    soviet dolbajobs day

  2. African Rover says:

    I agree with Thomas Wyld. These guys in their underwear climbing on the fountain sure do look a bit gay. I definetely would not turn my back to them.

  3. Burma Pilot says:

    American gays go to great extents to be “manly” like this.

    Explains why they cannot control a silly providnce like the Ukraine.

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