9 Celebrities in Street Ads

Celebrities in Street Ads

Posted on August 1, 2014 by tim

If you are a small business owner – like a small shop keeper or you have a restaurant on a street corner, you will probably never be able to hire a world class celebrity to advertise for you. However, some people think that downloading a celebrity’s photo from the Internet and using it in their ads is pretty enough. Here are a few examples of how people use the faces of famous people in their small business ads in Russia.

First ad with Harry Potter’s face invites people to study english “easily”.

This is the CD cover of an MP3 music collection of “best criminal songs, part 8″. You know the face, right?

“Get puppies of Yorkshires”.

“Women’s Clothes – AUDRY”

Ok this one is cool. “Movers, loaders, workers and construction works”

“Try our WIN DIESEL RIDDICK pie. First time ever, try the taste of RIDDICK”.

“Earrings.” “Rings and Bracelets”. “Hair scrunchies and class-pins”.

“Even those guys couldn’t resist”.

“Muslim cloths made to order. Tailoring.”

“ORAS. Brotherhood of plumbing.” By the way ORAS is a pretty large scale foreign business, I wonder if this ad was authorized by the top level managers.

Why not?


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9 Responses to “Celebrities in Street Ads”

  1. jeebs says:

    For a country that hates the west why use British and American actors in these adds?

    • Darius says:

      Something from abroad was always “cooler” than the local things. Even in Soviet times. In some way you could say that you went to a bit higher social level (at least between people that know you) if you somehow became one of those lucky ones who bought a Sharp caset deck or a TV abroad (instead of some soviet product). Now this is slowly changing in some post Soviet countries. You should see some posters, adds or restaurant menus in Russian language (and it is a local business), but that have some extra words in English (like: “hot”, “new”, “exclusive”, “all night performance” and similar).

    • OldBikr says:

      How many of the REAL PEOPLE from the East and the West have met? I’m a truck driver from Virginia and I have never met a truck driver from Russia, but I bet we would understand each other at the most basic levels. The real working people from the West rarely meet the real working people from the East, it a money thing guys. All we ever get to meet are the money people from either side and that aint cool. Meeting yuppies of either type is not a thrill for working people.

  2. petrohof says:

    maybe only the govt hates the west, russian people are possibly mostly just like us and may be tired of being lied to about world affairs. even now many are not sure who to believe no matter where you are. hint: our govt lies about most things and so does yours.

  3. dana says:

    im wondering how’s going the business for “muslim cloths” with that pic..lol

  4. Dan says:

    I don’t think that Russia is signatory to any copyright, trademark or intellectual property rights. In the West, you can’t use someones likeness without their permission and you usually have to pay them.

  5. Steamed McQueen says:

    Seriously? Benedict language school is still operating in Russia? They were the first school I ever worked for in St. Petersburg- got my TEFOL certification through them- then later found out Benedict had revoked their charter for ‘irregularities related to finances and curriculum ‘.

    Didn’t surprise me- they treat their teachers like crap, don’t pay worth a squat and are more interested in the fees collected than providing any type of language instruction.

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