37 Army Meals 2014

Army Meals 2014

Posted on August 1, 2014 by tim


One guy has posted his army daily meals online, instagram style, so we can now see too what is being served to a soldier. I am not sure what regiment he comes from, is the food the same all over the army? But anyways, here we see breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you tell me if you find it yummy or yucky, healthy or not, if you could live on it or prefer to remain hungry. What about the meals is strange to your non-Russian eye?

That’s breakfast. Here you can see what looks like oats and a sausage. The small white drink is “milk” and the small spread is “butter”. The glass on the left is a glass of tea. The thing on the right is two slices of Russian bread.   

This is lunch. A soup. A glass of tea. A plate of KASHA (buckwheat groats) with something looking like meat pieces. A vegetable salad. Three or four slices of bread.

And here is the dinner. Some sweet cereal with sweet corn, a slice of bread and butter. A glass of tea. Something in the plastic wrap, I think its a bun, like the ones they have in burgers, but not cut in half.

Also the guy has posted the “Friday Meal” which for some reason is different. Here it goes below:

There is a tea. A carton of milk. Slices of bread with butter. Something which looks like a slice of cheese (on the bread). An egg (probably hard boiled?), and a bun in the plastic bag.

So what do you think on them? What I find interesting is that there is no cola or any sweet sodas present in the list.


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37 Responses to “Army Meals 2014”

  1. TRex says:

    Breakfast and lunch don’t look any worse than what I had during my last hospital stay but “dinner” looks terrible, especially the Friday dinner! All in all it doesn’t look like a lot of calories for a hard working guy.

  2. MattNSW says:

    It looks nutritious, if not very appetizing. I think the only thing I would refuse to eat is the pink sausage, it looks like something they chopped off the underside of a dog. Typical army food, though – it’ll keep soldiers fighting and marching, if they like it it’s just an unintended bonus.

  3. JCR says:

    Sodas are not issued with meals in the german military either, you can buy them for yourself, but the drink that comes with the meal is either juice or mineral water or coffee/tea

    Re the nature of the food, russian cuisine takes some getting used to for western europeans.

  4. scud-werfer says:

    hmmm but all of this looks better, than the shit they serve you on airplanes,…
    our army food was way better,…but switzerland is not russia!

  5. Fuel says:

    Friday dinner; you forgot to mention the bowl full of what? Pirogi? Are you sure the plastic bags have bread? They may be fruit (apple, pear).

  6. john says:


  7. Đorđe says:

    I’ve eaten worse in army of Serbia.Bon appetit.

  8. Ronald says:

    Personally I think it looks depressing and unappetizing. But it also looks perfectly nutritious, and it’s probably a lot better than f.ex. American “food” rations, which are basically processed servings of chemical goo.

  9. jeebs says:

    Ummm you know what I’m just going to say it, that is a penis in them thar oats.

  10. Luutnantti says:

    Looks same food as here in Finlands army.
    Diffrent country, difrent army, same food :D

    I’m interested to see USA army dinner :D

  11. Douglas says:

    American military meals contain: Pizza, burritos, fried chicken, sliced roast beef, salads, vegs, fish, steak, potatoes [fried, baked, mashed, etc.] hot dogs, hamburgers, cake, cookies, puddings, pie, fresh fruit [banana, apple, etc.], coffee, tea, milk and juices of all types.

  12. Stary Wylk says:

    It looks strange, but not unpalatable. We wouldn’t, for example, put a sausage in the oatmeal. In the U.S. we usually put sugar on our oatmeal and it’s a morning food, as are eggs. We seldom have soup.
    The bread looks just like whole wheat bread. I was expecting a black brick of horse feed.

  13. nikita says:

    as a former soldier of the Russian army, I can say- it tastes even worse than it looks

  14. Alain says:

    French Navy food was far, far, far better than all this. At least 20 years ago. But as far as I understand, it is still pretty good.

    Also, from what I heard from Afghanistan, Americans used to exchange several of their meals against a single French one… I guess Russians could have, too, would they have been there at the same time :D

  15. Mister Twister says:

    Not too impressive. Actually, it kind of sucks.

  16. TeaA says:

    The items in the plastic bags appear to be fruit. Apple, pear, peach from top to bottom.

  17. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Believe if you are a Russian these meals are just fine. Wonder if the troops get enough calories, though. Portions look small except for bread. While US MREs don’t always look so great they are both filling and nutritious. As Douglas has mentioned, meals served in American dining halls contain a very wide variety of foods in larger quantities than what was shown in the Russian dining hall. Simply no comparison in that regard.

  18. Risu says:

    Good thing I’m not in the army, because I’d starve to death with such unappetizing meals! Plus, I can’t eat grains and dairy, anyway; they make me sick as a dog! :P

  19. George says:

    Doesn’t look like very many calories. If you’re working hard, marching or something, that oatmeal is fine as a SIDE DISH!
    The Russia army would not last long on these meals if they had to fight.
    The grains and fat as good, good long term energy. But just not enough of it.

    As far as meals in the US Army, I’m an Army brat, and I remember going to the mess hall for Thanksgiving dinner because it was so good. They can crank out some great meals.
    I buy MRE’s for emergency food, and eat them all the time to rotate stock. Some are really good. I wish I could get some more of those oatmeal chocolate cookies.

  20. Mr.Truth says:

    No Vodka…..FAIL!

  21. Name (required) says:

    Looks like the Czechoslovakian army meals I had some 20 years ago.
    You *always* get tea with your meal. Even when the meal is a rich soup. Army regulations say you HAVE to be given drink with your meal, and there is no reason to give you a soda.
    You always get bread with your meal – three days old (and naked loaves are stored in the meanwhile on open air, so it is hopelesly stale.
    But … we ate well and most of the time (more than 9 meals out of 10) it was tasty.
    It might have looked unapetizing, but it tasted good, or better.

  22. Muzzlehatch says:

    When the war starts, you’ll be lucky to get even this. Stay lean and mean.

  23. tommy says:

    I don’t see any meat in the lunch and dinner meal. How would a person with heavy tasks like a soldier survive with that meals? No wonder those poor guys are so thin. Russia spends excessive amounts of money on hardware, why not more on the people? There is obviously some significant difference among Western vs Eastern attitude toward human beings, especially those that sacrifice their lives for the country.

  24. Ivanoff says:

    Yeah, but it is still way better than what it used to be 10, 20 years ago. It’s not perfect, but it will only improve as time goes by.

  25. osip says:

    Prison food almost anywhere in the world would be better than this.

  26. mitro says:

    Whatever food the army eats, if they are genetically strong and clever, the food won’t give any impact on their psychical and mental condition.

    • TRex says:

      Special forces could manage it for a while as they receive special training but generally I disagree;
      “An army marches on its stomach.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

  27. Vik says:

    Looks kind of sparse and especially a lack of things like meat and vegetables. Don’t know if I would survive a soldiers day on that little.

  28. rade vasiljevic says:

    Although I live in UK I would happily eat this food it reminds me of what my father gave me from
    his memories in Jugoslavia in ww2, and in fact we ate many of the same things at home regularly as well as british food, there is nothing wrong with good staple foods based on what you might eat at home anywhere in Russia or Eastern Europe,and indeed in western europe its good. There is a lot of healthy food shown.

  29. Vlad says:

    Can anyone enlighten me as to what kind of sausage that is in the breakfast picture? It looks like a hot dog, but I can’t imagine Russian soldiers being fed hot dogs for breakfast.

    • Dr. Jet says:

      Yes, it’s kind of hot dog, called “sosiska”. In army noone bothers with frying those. Sosiskas are just boiled in a huge can of water… what does not improve the flavor I must say.

      As for comparing to american MREs – it’s incorrect. What you see here is a regular peacetime soldier meal cooked by the principe: “most calories for least price” – mostly consisting of protein rich cereals (officers kitchen serve meals with more meat and with some variety ~_^ ) while MREs are unified preserved rations for both peacetime and wartime. Russian unified preserved rations “IRP” (general ration) and “IRP-B” (“wartime” ration) common for soldiers and officers are considered to be one of the world best – on par with german EPA and superseding american MREs.

      It should be noticed that food quality and variety in russian army largely depends on regiment location and condition of auxilary farming facilities that provide additional fresh meat and vegetables above the norm (Siberian troops for example oftenly gluttonize with salmon and caviar from local rivers). When regiment commander doesn’t care and ignores the options… soldiers diet is still nutririous but quite dull.
      But at most statinary dispositions any soldier or officer can vary his diet by buying smoked sausages, pizza, soda, candies and other non-regular stuff at regiment shop called “chipok”.

      Despite of non-appetizing looks, even regular soldier food is generally not bad… until you see sprats or a piece of herring in you plate. I don’t know how it’s possible to spoil the fish so terribly… but they manage to do it any time. -_-

  30. Doktorskaya says:

    A lone soldier sausage plate looks dull.

  31. pe says:

    Russia is great, but the food is not enough sh for army, you need to double it.

  32. sinan says:

    Looks very unappetizing to me but this may be related to the food habits. In Turkish army the food is often much more varied than this.

  33. sinan says:

    Food in the Turkish army is infinitely better with larger portions even though soldiers often complain about it.

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