3 Lumber Industries of Arkhangelsk Back in 1958

Lumber Industries of Arkhangelsk Back in 1958

Lumber and saw wood production in Soviet Union was a pretty big thing. First because there was (and is!) a huge amount of natural resource for this, and the second is because of the constant state of construction going on. Also the foreign neighboring countries lack such endless woods
on their territory, so they had to buy the wood from somewhere and the Soviet state was exporting. Arkhangelsk city was one such center for this industry, and these are the photos from back in 1958, showing the scale of how much wood was prepared and handled.

2 On the Russian Rocket Launch Site

On the Russian Rocket Launch Site

Some interesting images from the rocket launch and
development site Kapustin Yar, located near Astrakhan,

0 Space Created On Earth

Space Created On Earth

When cosmonauts work in space they work in a weightless environment. It goes without saying that they need to be prepared for such work. But how can it be done on Earth? It's not as hard as it first seems. Conditions closest to weightlessness are provided by ordinary water. That is why in 1980 they
built a water immersion facility in the Cosmonauts Training Center named after Yuri Gagarin. For the thirty years of its existence cosmonauts have spent over 65 000 training hours here, those who have subsequently walked in real space had the same opinion: it felt 95% the same.

5 Battleship Gangut, 1911

Battleship Gangut, 1911

Even in our age of developed industrial technologies the appearance of the larger man made objects being assembled out of steel touches me, when the people working on the ship or submarine are hundreds of times smaller than the metal giant they are building. So I can imagine how impressive this was a hundred years
ago when it was fresh and those achievements of human engineering were just popping up for the first time. Building something half the size of the Titanic in a wooden barn really should look tremendously awesome for the ones who could take a peek inside. We can take a look inside, too.

6 Every Kid Should Know This

Every Kid Should Know This

The propaganda and informational posters in the Soviet state were a popular form of art and targeted different slices of society. You come to a factory where workers work and see the "Don't steal from the factory!" or "Be careful with machinery!" posters around. You go out on
the streets - you see different sorts of posters. Then when you enter a school for kids you get to see posters too, now these ones are targeted towards children. So what did kids have to know according to the propaganda masters of the State? Here is what:

3 Trip Round the Baikal Lake

Trip Round the Baikal Lake

Lake Baikal is the biggest lake in the world by volume, and there are recreational train trips going around it. Some prefer to go around by foot, it said to take 3 to 5 days to complete the picturesque route, but some, like Evgeny prefer to take a train ride. It's a much faster and easier way to enjoy all the landmarks around the Lake and you can get everything done in a day. They
deliberately make several stops so people can walk around and enjoy the scenery, the local meals being cooked by the babushkas, etc. The trip is called a roundtrip on purpose - the route makes a circle around the lake (or something more like a stretched oval around it). So the first stop is the last stop. Let's follow Evgeny and see some things he has seen and photographed:

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