8 Another Hailstorm

Another Hailstorm

Posted on July 30, 2014 by tim

Another hailstorm abruptly started in the Altai region a day ago. Hundreds of cars and buildings suffered, even the walls of buildings got holes, as the hailstorm was accompanied by stormy weather with high wind speeds.

Here we have almost fifty photos of the hailstorm’s aftermath and the posts from the discussions boards. Here is one:

“Those are Americans testing meteorological weapons. Soon you’ll see this in Moscow. Every day.” – said one person.

See more photos and comments inside:

“They have disturbed an ancient mummy in Altai, maybe they should put it back”, says another. They really did.


“Car repair shops are happy and insurance companies are not”, says Irena.


“Those are real GRAD in action”, referring to BM-21 GRAD systems truck mounted multiple rocket launch systems which bear the same name. Hailstorm is “GRAD” in Russian.


“If they remove the descriptions about hailstorm, they can use these photos as footage from the aftermath of shootings”, notes a guy with the username Adat.

“Poor tomato plants”, says another one.


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8 Responses to “Another Hailstorm”

  1. Richard S. says:

    Common in Alberta too. Shit! that’s too bad.

  2. Erik Johnson says:

    What an amazing storm !
    I wish the best of luck for those affected by
    this .

  3. Marcello says:

    Happens at least once in Australia every year, can happen anywhere normally between October and March, our warm season.

  4. L. Tuggle says:

    Funny comment about “American meteorological weapons” – I can remember in the 1950’s my Grandmother would blame all unusual weather on “Those Russians and their megaton bombs” Some things never change………

  5. Tutan Camon says:

    the Aporkalipse is coming……

  6. George says:

    Yeah, those crazy Americans and their control over the weather…….

    If that’s true, why don’t we control it in such a way to be a benefit to us? They have a huge drought in kalifornia right now.

  7. Richard S. says:

    The PCs will blame man-made global warming.

  8. John says:

    H.A.A.R.P. is to blame & It sounds like the Bible prophecy isn’t too far off.

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