13 Big Muslim Holiday in Moscow and St. Petersburg 2014

Big Muslim Holiday in Moscow and St. Petersburg 2014

Posted on July 28, 2014 by tim

Today, Moscow celebrates Uraza-Bairam – the first day after a fast is over. Moscow blogger, Ilya, has visited the place with his flying and regular camera to take the photos of the people and the event itself, as its considered to be the largest Muslim holiday in Russia and for sure is pretty important for many people.


He estimates that more than 100,000 people were present.


Same day, Alexander from St. Petersburg has taken the aerial photos of the holiday in his native city too:


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13 Responses to “Big Muslim Holiday in Moscow and St. Petersburg 2014”

  1. Richard S. says:

    Like cockroaches behind a refrigerator waiting to invade.

    • Kader says:

      Dear Richard S. don’t be extremist, the world now is more open to each other, and they respect each other faith. no need for extremism . regards

  2. Ronald says:

    On the 4th page, the woman who has to step through rows of people to get to her home, you can see the anger in her face.

    It’s funny how surprised the people look. They expect no-one else to use the streets while they claim them, as if they own the streets.

    How can the government tolerate this? It’s nothing short of occupation and obstruction of traffic and infrastructure, regardless of who is doing it or what their religion is.

  3. KikkiHiiri says:

    It’s just a storybook and those people take it so seriously, scary stuff!

    • petrohof says:

      and if you are not muslim, they take killing you seriously also

    • Kader says:

      let me tell you it is not story book my friend, the scientist they know through scientific evidence that it is a system of life given by who create this life, talking friendly and honestly, try to read about it my friend, now adays information if easily available on Net

  4. God says:

    Religion poisons everything.

  5. Mister Twister says:

    What a sausage fest.

  6. Steamed McQueen says:

    Used to live just up the street from the mosque- right by metro Gorkovskaya-. Never saw anything like this in the 7 years I was there.

    There are THAT many Muslims in Russia? Scary. Very, very scary.

    Muslims- Think pork is unclean, but wipe their asses with their bare hands-

  7. Wolgadeutscher says:

    Wow, actually somehow impressive how the masses react to such things, with no evidence, rather then an unintelligible book they claim to be truth ABOVE EVERYTHING, seriously? I mean, i am an racist, but something like this is over the line, imagine if somehow upsets only an single muslim, 100 other muslim come and kill the insulter, the same goes for germany where I live. I just don’t understand what they have forgot in foreign country? Can someone explain me please, what they even want in Europe, Scandinavia, Slavic Country, etc???

    • Kader says:

      Hi, I will tell you if you are open minded my friend. Islam and Muslim does not mean Arabs, and not all Arab are Muslims, there are a lot of Arab Jew, christians …etc living peacefully in muslim societies, Islam is a faith sent by god to complete and correct what has been changed in the previous books sent by him (gospel and Torah) old testament and new testament. now you find so many different copies of your book (bible) which are totaly contradicting each other (father and son, trinity, holly merry …etc) evern christian are confused, that what makes a lots of young christians don’t accept their religion, but in Islam (im not biased, just talking from what I know as friend) the book is the same exactely the same, word by word , sentence by sentence, chapter by chapter everywhere in the world still pure on original status came on from god. if a simple person read it he also can understand … if you know that teh Jew and Christians churches and synagogue are protected by the word of god in this book you can read it… and what ever said by this book now adays is gettng proven by the science… SO I think it is better for all of us regardless the faith to listen each other and learn from each other and respect each other and live peacefully

  8. Hinterland02 says:

    …because russia despite several problems is a tolerant nation
    Imagine 100,000 Christians / Jews in Baghdad….

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