6 Big Dumping Site of Soviet Technics

Big Dumping Site of Soviet Technics

Posted on July 28, 2014 by tim


Another dump site of abandoned Soviet technology was visited by Lana. As she said, the place was previously guarded, was protected with fencing and watch towers, but lately the guards were removed and the perimeter is now not in very good condition, so a lot of the vehicles she saw last time are missing now.

While they were there, they met a lone soldier with a trash bag who didn’t pay much attention to them.


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6 Responses to “Big Dumping Site of Soviet Technics”

  1. montanagood4soul says:

    Great pictures! It sure would be neat to see this stuff in person in a meuseum. I suppose even if army released or sold machine to a person interested in restoring it, parts would not be available or very expensive.

  2. Martin (CZ) says:

    I think there is so many vehicles, that you can restore some of them using parts from other machines. And skilled fitter and welders can do a lot.

  3. Peter Thompson says:

    Can these vehicles be scrapped and the metal melted down and re-used for other manufactures?
    Seems such a waste of good raw materials.

  4. komar says:

    destroy and destroy idiot peoples

  5. Wolgadeutscher says:

    I hate the collapse of the soviet union, because things like this happen: Many people loose thier jobs, people getting lazy and don’t repair vehicles like these and left them over to decay.
    It’s just sad, like these were build for nothing else then to work for some months and that’s it :/

    • Jihad_Iwan says:

      Does collapse of soviet union dont alow such people to care about their things? Nah kid. Russian without a pistol next to their head are more than underpeople.

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