2 Aviation Museum Under the Open Sky

Aviation Museum Under the Open Sky

Posted on July 24, 2014 by team

There is a good aviation museum founded by a Russian pilot in Kurgan. Presently it has fifteen flying aircraft under the open sky. We are going to visit this place today.

“Aviation museum”.

The Soviet jet-fighter MiG-17 was the first mass produced Soviet fighter that went faster than the speed of sound.

Its cabin, just as the cabins of other aircraft in the museum, is in a good condition.

A MiG-19 – a Soviet single-pilot jet-fighter of the second generation. This particular one is an all-weather interceptor.

The MiG-19 was the first mass produced supersonic fighter, a formidable foe of American F-100 Super Sabre and F-4 Phantom II.

Further development of MiG-fighters – the Soviet multipurpose fighter MiG-21. This is also an all-weather interceptor.

The MiG-17 and MiG-19P were brought here to the museum in 1991 to become its first exhibits under the open sky.

MiG-23 – the Soviet multipurpose swing-wing fighter. This one is a two-pilot combat and training modification. Brought to the museum in 1993.

Su-7B – the Soviet bomber-fighter, it was the most dangerous aircraft to use in the 1960s – 28 aircraft were lost due to design or manufacturing troubles.

Su-17 – bomber-fighter, the first Soviet variable geometry wing aircraft. This one is a two-pilot combat – training modification. The only modification of Su-17 capable of gaining Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound).

An Su-7B next to Su-17UM3.

The Su-24 is a Soviet all-weather variable geometry wing front-line bomber.

Su-25 – the Soviet armored attack plane.

It has ten extra suspension points for armament. In general, 32 types of weapons can be mounted on it.

The armored glass is 55 mm thick.

The Su-27 is the Soviet multipurpose highly-maneuverable all-weather fighter of the fourth generation.

Its cabin.

The museum has only one helicopter – an Mi-2.


Yak-52 is the smallest vehicle here.

They also have some passenger planes here. Il-14T is a pride of the museum.

You are welcome aboard!

A lot of rescue equipment is here.

Navigator’s workplace.

Another passenger plane of the museum – An-24B.

Interior of the plane.

“Winged medicine”.

Historic materials.

A warning not to touch the switches.

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