17 Air Defence Systems Under the Open Sky

Air Defence Systems Under the Open Sky

Posted on July 24, 2014 by team

We are back at the Museum of Air Defence in the Moscow region. This time we are going to show you air defence systems standing under the open sky. By the way, admittance is free.

The oldest exhibit – an anti-aircraft light Z-15-14B, 1939. Reflector’s diameter is 150 cm, target illuminating range – 7-9 km.

Fighter MiG-19 that shot down the American reconnaissance aircraft B-47 Stratojet over the Barents Sea in July 1st, 1960.

Two generations of the air defence: a three inch mountain gun, 1909 and a 130mm anti-aircraft weapon KS-30, 1954.

37 mm automatic anti-aircraft gun, 1939.

The same gun.

85 mm anti-aircraft gun 52-K, 1939.

100 mm anti-aircraft gun KS-19, 1948.

The shell and the loading system.

Anti-aircraft machine gun mount ZPU-2, 1949.

This one is ZPU-4.


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17 Responses to “Air Defence Systems Under the Open Sky”

  1. Muzzlehatch says:

    Motto of the antiaircraft soldiers: “If it flies, it dies.”

  2. big al says:

    Nice pic, but insulting, considering what your AA soldiers did to Malaysia flight 17.

    • 99darkness says:

      The chances are about 60% that the rebels did it accidentally, aiming for another military plane, and 40% – that it was Ukr army (an accident too or some set up, I donnow) but in both cases the AA system and the operator’s hands are Ukranian.

      • James S says:

        Second that

      • True American says:

        But the State Department has some “evidence” they got from social media (ROFLCOPTER!)

        • SSSR says:

          Anyway it is a huge mess that could result in another Cold War-The iron curtain goes up again!

          • CZenda says:

            As far as MH17 is concerned, one thing is without doubt – Russian establishment will lie, lie, lie, lie and lie again, no matter that the rest of the world does not believe a single word they say – just like they did about KAL007.

            • 99darkness says:

              Switch that to the “US Dpt of State” – these guys lie even to themselves)

            • AE says:

              1 September 1983 (the time when Afghanistan war is in early stage)
              what happened… Korean Civilian Aircraft
              (who just Returned from Maintenance from Boeing facility,where is also performed some sort of
              Inspections and Reparation of Navigation equipment)…
              And after one of his next flights aircraft Suddenly changed his Flight path, from Anchorage
              for almost 15 %
              (HIGHLY Suspicious fact is that Ground control operator in Alaska, didn’t notice that Aircraft moved from planed Flight path and when the plane left Alaska territory, He went over 150km from planed Trajectory ) ???
              and 30minutes Later Boeing traveled deeply in the territory of Soviet Union,
              sensitive territory where they stored Balistic missiles..???
              Also it is Impossible for Experienced crew and pilot who flew that passenger line every day, that he didn’t notice different landscape?

              Of Course Soviets shot down that liner who..
              also is interesting , nobody was unable to contact ? ever Japanese Ground control can’t
              Conntact them?

              Also Highly suspicious is fact that RC-135 Spy plane is on same course. ran parallel with
              KAL 007.
              Soviet radars tracked Both aircrafts, and recorded Radio emission from RC-135 ???

              For MH17 Read what German experts have to Say!!!

    • Mick Rogers says:

      So I read it, it is not the USSR now why rave on about it now its over but won’t be if the US continues to harass

  3. alsm74 says:

    Last image on the first page is twin mount KPV 14,5 mm machine guns. Most powerful machine gun, that I know, having muzzle energy >31000 J.

  4. joe stone says:

    Yea,no chance the rebels did it on purpose, and all rebels are real Ukrainians. LOL

  5. Number says:

    A good place for such hardware,keep them there as long as possible.

  6. Wolgadeutscher says:

    Nice collection!

  7. Burma Pilot says:

    Missle shot down the U2?

    Sorry, Mig jet crashing into it did.

    Russian AA wasn’t that good. But keep trying.

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