31 Heavy Belorussian Tractors For Missile Transportation

Heavy Belorussian Tractors For Missile Transportation

Posted on July 22, 2014 by team

The Minsk factory making wheeled tractors used to be a secret subdivision of the MAZ company of Belarus. Its vehicles were carrying missiles, air defence systems and heavy equipment on Red Square on parade days. Today it’s an independent company and it makes “Volat” tractors.

MZKT-79221 is used as part of a mobile launcher for the system “Topol-M”. It is sold to Russia for 4 million rubles (117,5 thousand dollars) per unit.

View from the cabin.

Only the second “driver” in another cabin can see what happens in the right mirror. Both drivers can communicate via radio or by gestures if no missile is between them.

Sixteen wheels – all are driving ones.

MZKT-7930 (8×8) is going to carry “Iskanders”.


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31 Responses to “Heavy Belorussian Tractors For Missile Transportation”

  1. Tyson says:

    But do they have to be so UGLY??
    These Machines are mechanically awesome, but really just look so bland and hideous. With the slightest bit of effort these vehicles could be made to look as good as they work!

    • MattNSW says:

      you might ask the same question about civil engineering equipment. They’re there to do a job, that’s all.

  2. Te Lorax says:

    Perfect for blasting Malasian passenger planes out of the sky. This equipment can also be used against unarmed passenger planes of any country. Guaranteed to leave no survivors.

    • crocodile says:

      dude,…you are so stupid!!!! did you ever do something usefull in your life? Stop watching military Pictures, if you cant writ adult comments,..

    • MAXDMG says:

      Are you idiot? These trucks are used to move Intercontinental ballistic missiles. By the way the insurgents has no weapons capable of hitting 10,000 meters, and Ukraine has. All facts indicate that it is Ukraine was hit by the plane, as it was in 2001.

      • MattNSW says:

        If there’s one thing this incident has taught us, it’s that the facts are different depending on which country you are in.

    • MattNSW says:

      Oh STFU, there are very few sites that show us Russia in this way, keep the politics out of it.

    • Putin says:

      No no my friend, you confused. This is the system that we will use if America keeps with more sanctions. We want money, no sanctions. And yes, my people in Donbas have Buk system, so shut up MAXDMG or i send my guys to kill you.

      • MAXDMG says:

        If Putin want to kill nazi ukranian goverment he did it) And you just stupid troll, all country need money, you don’t know?

  3. david.k says:

    Te Lorax this truck is for icbm’s the kind to take out country’s not AA missiles which take out airplanes.so can you wipe that off your face as it stinks around here now

  4. dragan says:

    Te Lorax, these things carry intercontinental ballistic missiles, not anti-aircraft surface-to-air missile you effin pleb

  5. allahisgreatnot says:

    I am so sorry to see Russian people blinded and terrorized by their own government. I am not a fan of the USA, but it is painfully obvious that it was Russia who supplied the missile systems and the ignorant rebels, without knowing that it was a commercial airliner, shot it down. I hope that the Russian people will, with the help of free global media, see through the facade of their regime and its true nature, I know most Russians never get the chance to see the real world beyond their borders, but I assure you, your country is dictated by a handful of oligarchs and you should fight against it with all you have. Life in Russia is of very poor quality, and there are reasons for it. I know it is so much easier to just blindly believe what your gvt tells you, but I hope you will soon see what is really going on in Russia.

    • alsm74 says:

      Sorry, but it is you, who blinded and terrorized. We do not supplied buk missiles to Russian people in the Ukraine. It is your (USA and EU) governments organized coup in the Ukraine and started war and genocide against Russians in the east Ukraine. It is parashenko and others american terrorist’s puppets, who destroyed Malaysian B777 and killed passangers, in order made guilty Russians.
      U.S. diplomats buy tons of explosives, and Wall Street Journal requires for a big war, to help the American economy. Provokations+lies+threatens+terrorism = american external policy.

      • bob1 says:

        …. I wish that I could be more specific…. but “they” would track me down…The U.S. has a goal….. Ukrainians and Russians alike…… will be dead !!!…… their economies in ruin !!! they will not be a factor in the Western/world economic picture…..Afghanistan, Iraq…… have you noticed the CIA’s main job ? facts and Intel on all countries…….. you can safely figure that it is to calculate any problems…… and that they must have a solution(s)……. why the hell would any body want to bomb a Yugo plant ?…….. if in doubt, read up on the now public…secret missions of Vietnam and Korean wars (U.S.)……. do you doubt that the U.S. government doesn’t have any scruples ?…… maybe they have changed ?

    • Ivan says:

      It was allready hard to read your post but when I came to “free global media” (facepalm).

      Someone like you (who have no idea WHATSOEVER about how the establishment operates) trying to indoctrinate the rest really puts into perspective if all people should have access to the net.

  6. Muzzlehatch says:

    $117,500 for this? In the US or EU it would cost 2 or 3 times more because of the highly paid union labor and kickbacks to the defense contractors.

    • petrohof says:

      exactly right. the engine alone could be $80,000

    • Ivan says:

      Actually, it is not because unions, kickbacks or anything else… that’s what fools miss to understand.

      The very core of the economic yankee’s engine its zionist warfare industry.

      Their motto is “the more complex and expensive, the better”.

  7. Texas1 says:

    Where are the smaller versions that the Russians used to take down the Malasian passenger plane?

  8. Jakov says:

    This I the “AutoZovod”.
    The tractor factory used to (propably still does) prodeuce BMP/BMD APC’s.

  9. jeebs says:

    Who really runs this site because a few of my comments have been taken down.

  10. Ivan says:

    Leaving aside the final propuse of those machines, I do like how they look.

    Very simple (not so comfortable) but extremely reliable.

    The whole opossite of the yankees.

  11. montanagood4soul says:

    Super cool pictures! Do they use electronic engines?

  12. komar says:

    great thats let me hope it give peace in middle europe

  13. Stavros says:

    Has any talented engineer / entrepreneur ever thought of modifying or reconditioning some MZKT vehicles into an all terrain heavy lift crane. Seems to me that with all the infrastructure Russia is building across the country there is a demand for heavy lift cranes. When I see the empty chassie of the 16 Wheel MZKT Vehicle it remindes me of the Liebherr LG 1750 when it is stripped down. Why aren’t the Russians or the Belorussians not convert such surplus into useful cranes. Recondtioning some of the surplus chassis and converting them into heavy lift crane would make a good business and create a new product. I don’t think Russia can import Leibherr Cranes from Germany because of the sanctions. So why not make your own and compete with the Germans. I think a good business could be made in Russia with all the oil and gas work that requires heavy lift construction cranes. Make your own and use the surplus that has been demilitarized. This could be a feasible business for someone or investors.

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