3 Chernobyl Exclusion Zone From Above

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone From Above

Posted on July 20, 2014 by team

This time we gonna have an unusual flight – the flight over the exclusion zone of Chernobyl where time stopped thirty years ago. How does this place look like from the height?

This Cessna 172S is going to take us high and show the exclusion zone from where we have not seen it yet.

We are slowly taking off.

Fields, rivers, villages and roads from the height of 300-500 meters – the beautiful nature of the Kiev and Chernigov regions as if on the palm.

The Kiev Sea is truly big.. Meanwhile the weather is getting worse.

The area was diforested for high-voltage power lines intended to supply energy to Soviet consumers.

That very zone we’ve shown you so many times – up is the river Pripyat, up in the right is the bridge over the river. In the right direction is Chernobyl itself.

Over-the-horizon radar station “Duga” for the intercontinental missile early warning system – eyes and ears of the USSR.

Why “over-the-horizon” one? Because this secret object allowed Soviet military to look “beyond the horizon”. They were watching all targets over Europe, detected all launches of American intercontinental missiles – from another side of the globe.

“Duga” consumed a huge amount of power – 10 MW. This is why it was located near the nuclear plant. The secret facility only received the signal. The transmitting facility of a smaller size was located near Lyubech (60 km away) – the facility was scrapped.

The radar station stopped functioning immediately after the catastrophe of April 26th, 1986. It could not be further used in the conditions of the exclusion zone. Soon enough some part of the equipment was demounted and transported to Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is already close.

Today they are actively building a new safe sarcophagus.

The new sarcophagus will fully cover the fourth destroyed power unit and allow to turn the station into an ecologically safe system.

It seems this construction site is still operating. But we remember that time stopped here many years ago. These are the 5th and the 6th power units of the station.


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3 Responses to “Chernobyl Exclusion Zone From Above”

  1. ..... says:

    “Here’s what has remained from the notorious red forest. It was glowing at night after the catastrophe!”
    Somebody has watched to many sci-fi movies!

  2. Jesse the Swede says:

    You must remember how long ago this was..
    It has all turned into folklore by now..

    And the glowing of the red forest is part of the folklore, let people have their fantasies about what happened, the truth is never as fascinating.

  3. Kanto says:

    The plant itself stopped with making electricity only in the 2000!

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