4 Saint Petersburg By Anton Vaganov

Saint Petersburg By Anton Vaganov

Posted on July 15, 2014 by team

Several days ago we showed you some pictures of Saint-Petersburg’s roofs taken by Anton Vaganov. Today we present to you more astonishing photographs of the city itself, Anton was kind enough to share them with EnglishRussia.

via vaganov.org

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4 Responses to “Saint Petersburg By Anton Vaganov”

  1. ivan says:

    As always in this web grimmy, dark, pretencious photos of Russia

    • Donald says:

      There is nothing pretentious about it. It’s honest and sincere, un-faked. Look to the American reddit.com and imgur.com if you want a dose of pretentiousness, with their pictures of home-made tables, daddy coming home from the army, and girls bathing their little kittens and taking pictures of it.

      • Darius says:

        A very typical answer – America or Russia, the rest of the world (even Western) does not exist :) Well, maybe some are pretending and for sure there are many that do not live so good. But many of those pictures are real and their feelings in the pictures are real. Many people are warm, but mostly to the people they know and not to the complete strangers. Also they often like to keep their problems to them self and try to be positive to everyone else.

  2. Hugh says:

    Well Ivan, most of us see interesting images of a place we probably won’t ever visit or see, and find them enjoyable.

    Maybe if you see “grimmy, dark, pretencious photos of Russia” then you should open your eyes a bit more, or maybe stop looking here if you don’t like it so much.

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