4 Guy Has Turned His Old Mercedes Into Luxury Rolls Royce Phantom [16 photos]

Guy Has Turned His Old Mercedes Into Luxury Rolls Royce Phantom [16 photos]

Posted on July 15, 2014 by team

While some people dream of having a Rolls-Royce or Maserati, others just try to make their own out of what they have. We are going to the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan to meet one local master who made his dreams come true.

He lives in Shakhtinsk and his name is Ruslan Mukanov. With his own hands he has made a replica of a famous Rolls-Royce using components of an old car.

The city is located 30 kilometers away from the regional center.

He fell in love with the Rolls-Royce Phantom nine years ago.

And he was not related to cars in any way back then. Ruslan still studied at school and could only dream about having his own car. Some time later he became a motor mechanic and started to buy old used cars to repair and sell them. This is how the idea of making a dream car for himself came to his mind. He took the job seriously.

The car having the closest appearance to a Rolls Royce Phantom was a Mercedes. It had similar lines and shapes.

The car seems to have a square shape but it doesn’t. It looks like this because multiple details create such an image.

Fortunately, Ruslan really likes to draw and had always been drawing cars…

He collected lots of pictures depicting a Phantom and made numerous drawings. It gave him an understanding of what exactly had to be redesigned.

Then Ruslan found “Mercedes” and started to work. When he could not find the required parts he made them according to photos.


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4 Responses to “Guy Has Turned His Old Mercedes Into Luxury Rolls Royce Phantom [16 photos]”

  1. Jim Beam says:

    The main question: Did he bang some chicks in the back seat of his “Rolls”? If yes, then his efforts and time paid off well!

  2. Mister Twister says:

    If this is not impressive, then the word “impressive” should be thrown out from the language.

  3. rostit says:

    Id like to see what the other commenters have created before they continue to sound foolish and childish. Good Job Ruslan

  4. Владимир says:

    Руслан, ты красава, сразу видно что руки растут откуда надо, а не из 5-ой точки и голова у тебя шарит, молодей!

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