5 Once A Super Secret Russian City Fully Abandoned Today

Once A Super Secret Russian City Fully Abandoned Today

Posted on July 8, 2014 by team


Post-Soviet countries are full of abandoned military places, but Gudym or secret base Anadyr-1, must be the coolest among them all. Geographically it’s the closest to the USA and for obvious reasons it had enough missiles to fully destroy Alaska, Washington state, California and part of South Dakota. Probably similar bases existed on the American side. Unfortunately, what was previously a super secret city surrounded by numerous military units does not have a future anymore. It is abandoned forever…


No transport goes to Gudym. Maybe some taxi would agree to take you there. Just like this one.


Taxi’s driver Victor has been living here since he was two years old.


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5 Responses to “Once A Super Secret Russian City Fully Abandoned Today”

  1. john says:

    Interesting posting,great photos

  2. heo says:

    How many lives lost there…
    How many dreams lost

  3. aldebaran says:

    devastation and decay, ypical for russia today

  4. Malone says:

    Can someone translate this into English?

  5. buggy says:

    “That money would be enough to let citizens live much better than they did or to build a network of highways between the cities. What they have today is nothing – no highways, no money, only ruined objects. Searching for enemies must be more interesting for Russia than development…”

    If it wasn´t (where) for this protection and indeed it´s warheads Russia would have (and will be) been invaded and i can assure you that the US, having destroyed it´s main adversary and ukrainized & IMF:ed it, wouldn´t invest 1 dollars worth in anything. Im sure some Americanized Russianliberal potheads would love that but you wouldn´t get anything out of it either…

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