1 Do They Have Internet Connection on the Arctic Icebreaker?

Do They Have Internet Connection on the Arctic Icebreaker?

Posted on July 7, 2014 by team

If you think that ice-breakers sailing in the cold Arctic have no Internet connection, you are wrong. We are going to go aboard one of them to see what means of communication they use.

They do have an Internet connection on the icebreaker in the Arctic. Moreover, for the execution of combat tasks of the expedition they use space satellites.

They also use sat-phones to call the mainland and ordinary telephones in the rooms to contact other crew members.

They have four TV channels (satellite television).

Radio transmits one radio station and messages for crew members.

They have reliable satellite communication with the scientific and research center.

Connection with the icebreaker is provided by a twenty-four-hour satellite channel whose capacity is 1,5 Mbit / s in the shore-ship direction and 512 Kbit / s in the ship-shore direction. Data transfer is unlimited. In fact it’s the largest ice research expedition in the northern seas since the Soviet time, but no expedition of the times gone could compare…

At the office. Here they surf the Internet while the vessel is sailing.

The crew of the icebreaker may use the satellite connection at their own account (almost a dollar per minute or ten dollars per megabyte).

Captain’s assistant.


Satellite communication terminal.

Radio-receiving set.

Radar and other means of communication on the vessel.


There is a satellite TV dish in that round protective housing.

Satellite television server.

Rather rare thing – a key for morse code operation.

In general they do not feel isolated from the mainland. They feel like home.

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    its not too expensive?….i think they spend all the incomes on the internet…lol…but just 1 question…do they have a palm tree there?…:)

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