8 Soviet Navy Commanders of 1950s

Soviet Navy Commanders of 1950s

Posted on July 4, 2014 by tim

It’s the Cold War. The Soviet army seems like a threat to the Western World. Who are they, these blood-thirsty (as portrayed by the media) leaders of the savage (as portrayed by the media!) armies preparing to invade the stronghold of the civilized world? Here are a few.

Photos of a few glorious Russian commanders, specifically the chief commander of the Soviet Black Sea fleet (based in Crimea) and his deputies and helpers. Back in 1954.

Mr Sergei Gorshkov, a Soviet admiral. Years later, a Soviet air carrier ship that was built received his name. It was called Air Carrier “Admiral Sergei Gorshkov”. Do you know what they call it now? They call it the “Vikramaditya”, because it was sold to India.

A Vice-Admiral.

And Gorshkov’s “aide” mr. Kuznetsov.

Just look at those faces, they are already a part of a long gone history.


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8 Responses to “Soviet Navy Commanders of 1950s”

  1. john says:

    Good posting, impressive looking people.

  2. petrohof says:

    yes, i am afraid they are all long gone and few remember who they were

  3. Tutan Camon says:

    Nice job vice admiral.Reading newspapers all day…..

  4. Dan says:

    Gorshkov turned the Soviet Navy into a “bluewater” fleet. He was respected in the West.

  5. Lumpy Gravy says:

    Recently, the ex-Soviet Minister of Defense, Dimitri Iazov, the only Soviet Marshal still alive, spoke before a meeting of the Association of the All-Army Reserve Officers and declared …

    “Some hotheads are in favor of sending our armed forces into the territory of South-Eastern Ukraine, where there is a war taking place. We cannot allow this. We cannot send out troops into the territory of People’s Republics of Donbass and Lugansk, which are unrecognized republics and which are part of another country – Ukraine. Such reckless actions could lead to a third world war.”

    … which doesn’t sound blood-thirsty or savage to me. Quite the opposite actually, despite the ex-minister’s grim looks …


  6. Dar says:

    All tough hombres who’ve been through hell and came out on top.

  7. RobertM says:

    As a retired US naval officer, I have to say the the Russian navy dress uniforms are very impressive.

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