4 30 Minutes Flight Around Moscow

30 Minutes Flight Around Moscow

Posted on July 3, 2014 by team

We are going to join the team of “Helicopters of Russia” holding company to enjoy a 30-minute flight around Moscow. Too many pics but they deserve it!

The starting point is Tomilino, above are images from the Helivert factory. But this story is not about it.

Mi-26 aka “Cow” is coming.

Mi-38-2 is still being tested, so it has various measuring instruments inside.


Mi-8 inside. It’s been modified since the 60s.

Its portholes are suitable for shooting.

We are already in the air. This district is called Kosino-Ukhtomskiy, it has many newly built houses.

And this is Moscow already. Some plants, subway stations…

Roads being constructed.

Moscow malls…

Refinery in Kapotnya.

Thermal power plant.

Moscow river.

This is a typical situation on the road – four lanes turn into two and form a traffic jam.

Rather beautiful buildings.

Another thermal power plant and the Moscow MKAD Ring Road.

New and old high-rise buildings.


IKEA-Mega-Ashan complex.

Summer cottages or simply Moscow dachas.

This subway station is still being constructed.

Mirax-park block.

Moscow State University, the main building.

Moscow City.

Another industrial zone of Moscow.

Railways of the Kiev direction.

Panoramic view of Moscow City.

Kiev Station, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Building an overpass.


Western customs post.

Heart Center.

Europark in Rublyovka.


City again.

Moscow river and “Red sails” housing complex.

Sports stadium “Spartak” is almost finished, as well as a neighbouring subway station.

Construction layout looks a bit weird from here.

40-storey buildings beyond the Moscow Ring Road.

Beach in Rublyovo.

We’re going to land at “Krokus-Expo”.


Southern direction of the Moscow Ring Road.

Complicated road crossing.


Putilkovo, Kurkino. Sheremetyevo airport is nearby.


Landing at “Krokus-Expo”.

Saying thanks to the pilots.

Mi-2 is coming.


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  1. john says:

    Awesome Moscow !!!

  2. George says:

    I’ like to see the inside of some of your shopping malls. How they compare to American ones.

  3. john says:

    Huge city , but nice. great photos

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