4 Flying Around an Ice Breaker

Flying Around an Ice Breaker

Russian blogger Sergey went on an ice breaker journey through the Arctic. He says that there is a helicopter on board the vessel. It is a
Russian KA-32C copter and he took a trip on it around the ice breaking ship while deep into the ice of the Arctic. Photos are inside.

10 Strange PT Cruiser Limo from Novgorod

Strange PT Cruiser Limo from Novgorod

A custom car mod agency in Novgorod came out with a car for use as a luxury wedding ride. They tried to make it look like a medieval coach, I can't say if they
succeeded in achieving the feel or not, but the car looks out of this world for sure. Some more photos of the interior and exterior are inside the post.
3 T-50 Jet Caught Fire

T-50 Jet Caught Fire

T-50 is a new jet being built in the Sukhoi factory. It made its first flight in 2010 and in 2013 they put it into production. This is one of the production jets, and it reportedly caught on fire today, June 10th, during a flight. An official reported that, quote: "while during the flight, first smoke appeared, and then fire broke
out above the right wing. This accident caused no casualties and the plane can be repaired. The aforementioned events should not affect the program and its completion". So here is one more photo of the fire aftermath and the new plane, which is still pretty rare. Photos are clickable for larger versions.
4 Disappeared Animals inhabited the Russian territiory

Disappeared Animals inhabited the Russian territiory

As the largest country in the world, Russia is inhabited by a significant proportion of the animals which live on the planet. There are more than 1550 species of vertebrate animals. However, the diversity of species of wildlife has significantly reduced, primarily due to humans.  Many of the species have disappeared over the past two centuries. A lot of representatives of the Russian fauna can only be seen today in the  pictures of encyclopedias. A large-horn deer inhabited the vast territory stretching from Ireland to North Africa. In Russia, the skeletons of this mammal are often
found in the Ryazan and Sverdlovsk regions, in the Republic of Crimea and the North Caucasus. Scientists suggest that the large-horn deer completely disappeared about 7.6 thousand years ago. This deer lived in open spaces because of the huge horns, which can reach a weight of 37 kilograms, and have a length of up to 4 meters. In the forest, such bulky horns could interfere with its ability to hide from enemies. Now scientists believe that the disappearance of this species of deer was a natural process due to climate change.  

15 Saving a Tiny Motorboat with an Giant Atomic Submarine

Saving a Tiny Motorboat with an Giant Atomic Submarine

This post is from Oleg, a blogger based in Severodvinsk - a city port on the White Sea where Russian atomic submarines are being built and repaired. He says that more and more often the huge atomic
underwater cruisers are being used to rescue civilian boats that get into trouble in storms. This time he shares the story of the small motor boat being rescued by a big submarine and a helicopter.

13 NATO Armies Still Use Soviet War Machines

NATO Armies Still Use Soviet War Machines

One guy visited the Berlin Air Show 2014 in Germany last Saturday and noticed that some of the NATO countries are still equipped with Soviet planes and helicopters. He took a
few photos to illustrate his story - this copter in the photo above is a Russian Mi-24 helicopter used in the Czech Air Force. There are more examples inside.  
2 A Visit from a Rocket

A Visit from a Rocket

This would be a one-photo posting, however I find it important to include here. During the last few days there has been a flood going on in the Altai region of Russia. Hundreds or even thousands of houses are flooded and the people are suffering there, however this post is not about the flooding itself but rather an event happened in one village in the affected region. As news outlets mention, during the recent flooding event the villagers were pretty shocked to find in the morning that their local river has brought a part of space rocket to their small place, located in the middle of the wilderness. This
piece of a rocket you can see on the photo above. It's not clear where the river got it from, however it is probably a piece of a space mission that fell back to the ground during the launch and was not recovered and recycled in a timely manner. So it was probably somewhere in the forest until the flooding happened and the higher water levels made the hardware float and move down the slopes of the Altai mountains towards this village where it was met with great amazement: it's not everyday your village is visited by a space rocket, coming in by itself.  

0 Thats a Packed Beach

Thats a Packed Beach

Not really a beach but a pool in Kazan, Russia. "When it takes a few thousand kilometers to get to the real beach, such places are in high demand", says Sergey, who climbed a
twenty-six storey building to take these photos of a resort in the Tatarstan republic of Russia where people flock these summer days to get some sun and swimming fun.

3 Trip to Home in Chukotka

Trip to Home in Chukotka

A normal trip home in Chukotka, Russia may look something like this. Those all terrain vehicles are the only reliable means of transportation and communication between the town of Anadir and other places, Evgeniy Basov, a local of Chucotka, writes in his blog. He says that people can wait weeks for a plane trip in the local airport because of the weather conditions, which is much worse than taking the
trip in one of those vehicles, which in the worst case scenario, can take two days to get you to the place you need to go. However he mentions that the all terrain vehicles are mostly used to bring perishable groceries: milk, eggs, fresh foods etc. into town. This time, the author took a trip in one of these and they were also carrying some food as a part of their mission:

5 Recently Abandoned Air Force Airfield near Kamyshed

Recently Abandoned Air Force Airfield near Kamyshed

As the author of the photos writes, this airfield was built in 1955. Its main purpose was to allow student-pilots to learn in the real life fighter jets. In 2009, all of the employees were sent to other airbases, even the
guards so no guards were left on site and the place became a target for all sorts of visitors, including the ones who were just after scrap.  We can still see what is left inside, thanks to the author:

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