10 New Age Russian Soldier Equip

New Age Russian Soldier Equip

Russian blogger and editor of a Defense magazine, Igor K., has posted a few photos from the Paris exhibition where they presented the new Russian uniform equipment packages. These are not just uniforms, but are
also the base weapons, base gadgets and link systems, etc. He didn't leave a comment on what does what but we can still take a look at what should be the base equipment of a new age Russian soldier.

2 Grand Grad Party in St. Petersburg: 25,000 fireworks fired

Grand Grad Party in St. Petersburg: 25,000 fireworks fired

In St. Petersburg, they have a tradition where they hold a massive event called "Red Sails" for the high school graduates each year, and have done so for almost twenty years. They had the same tradition in the 1970s during the Soviet reign, however I doubt it looked anywhere near as colorful as they make it now.
Photographer Marina has climbed the top of the Hermitage building to take photos of the event. Fireworks, an actual sail ship with red sails, party lights - all this has been photographed from the top of the most famous building in St. Petersburg, which was a residence of the Tsar in pre-communist Russia.

2 Seventies, Again

Seventies, Again

Blogger Evgeni has posted these photos of the Soviet past that were shared by a person named Vasilij. He says that the time frame of the photography is around the 1970s and 80s. "Looking thru these
photos, I get a feeling that people of Soviet Russia were trying to demonstrate something to you all of the time." says Evgeni. Take a look, those photos are pretty interesting.
3 Wrong Type of Weed

Wrong Type of Weed

An interesting couple of photos were sent our way. According to the story, the community workers have messed up with the lawn seeds and weed seeds in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. In spring, when they planted the seeds, it all looked
nice and green, but later when it went all the way through - and in some Russian cities they don't mow the lawns too often, the people of the neighborhood found something that seems to be a wrong type of weed..

11 Biggest Northernmost Russian City From Above

Biggest Northernmost Russian City From Above

Norilsk is the world's Northernmost city with a population over 100,000 people. Here are some photos of Norilsk taken from above. Due to its smog and acid rain pollution it's sometimes called the dirtiest
Russian city, and the temperatures here can be -40 in winter. The Russian blogger, Slava, made a trip to Norilsk in June and was surprised that it still had snow in some parts of the city.

4 Russian Arctic Oil Drill: Polar Helicopters Based on Atomic Ice Breakers

Russian Arctic Oil Drill: Polar Helicopters Based on Atomic Ice Breakers

To drill for oil in the Arctic, Russian oil companies host a fleet of Arctic aviation and ships. The larger companies have hired atomic ice breakers to deliver their teams deep into the Arctic. Those ice breakers often carry helicopters on board. They are used for research and scouting, for human transportation and the delivery of shipments to the drilling
operations. This is just one of their scout brigades, as in 2013 this company used a total of thirteen ships and three helicopters for their Arctic exploration. The exploration by these companies now exceeds the exploration the Soviet Union has carried out in this region. Here is an example of the flying machines being used - the KA-32C.

5 Trip to Rybachij Peninsula  the Northernmost Part of Western Russia

Trip to Rybachij Peninsula the Northernmost Part of Western Russia

  A team of bloggers took a trip to the Northernmost part of Western Russia. It is as far North as Northern Finland and Northern Norway (so it's even further North than Santa Claus who is said to be native of Lapland, Finland). "The Kola peninsula has its special magic, many bloggers can confirm that you get addicted to going back there at least once
a year. And the Rybachij Peninsula has all these qualities quadrupled. Very strong place." says Dmitry, the person who took these photos, while describing his trip to this land where you can see the atomic Russian submarines departing to the depths of the Arctic Ocean. The photos are clickable for larger, nicer versions.
5 A Few Photos from the ER Twitter

A Few Photos from the ER Twitter

      We at ER prefer not to make single-photo posts, however from time to time we come across the photos that you really need to see. Where do they usually go? They go into ER twitter feed, that you might want to subscribe to here. If you don't have twitter
that's not a big deal as here are the latest photos we posted in twitter, starting with a photo from Georgia (Gruzia) where it seems not to be a problem to have a horse in an apartment complex. What else do you need your balcony for? Here are some more:

1 Trip to a Research Lab in Moscow with Real Space Rockets, part 1

Trip to a Research Lab in Moscow with Real Space Rockets, part 1

Moscow is not even close to the places where the most Russian space launches are being performed. However, Moscow has a bunch of scientific research centers and universities which contribute to the technology, so there is a place in Moscow where real life rocket engines are stored, right
in the university. This is a post of a trip to such a place which Svetlana (the author) made on a day known as "Cosmanautics Day" in Russia. This place is not a museum and generally is not open to the public. Special permission is needed to obtain a ticket there.

2 Sneaking to the Unknown Ekranoplan

Sneaking to the Unknown Ekranoplan

We've mentioned a few Ekranoplans on ER before. And frankly, I thought most of those vehicles that were built to fly very low above the surface of the Earth were discontinued and abandoned. However, it seems that there
are a few, or at least one, that can be met deep in the warehouses of large factories that have never surfaced and never had a flight. Here is one of them - the Ekranoplan "Spasatel" or "The Rescuer".

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