8 WW2 Plane Saved and Restored from the Bottom of Lake

WW2 Plane Saved and Restored from the Bottom of Lake

Posted on June 25, 2014 by tim

Remember how we showed you a WW2 tank that they pulled out of the river? Yes, that was their fifty-fifth operation of pulling large WW2 machinery from the bottom of Russian rivers and lakes. However this is something different – this time another group of enthusiasts have pulled a real WW2 plane out of the lake and fully repaired it so that the plane that you can see in the air in the picture above is a real WW2 plane they recovered.

The group of people went to the no man’s land in distant parts of Russia and pulled the old war plane from the bottom of a lake which didn’t belong to anybody, then restored it investing some of their resources, and ultimately got a free plane!

See how those Red star wings looked when they were freshly recovered from the lake mud. I find it interesting how they pull them out –  they put car tires on the wings and around the body of the plane, then inflate them so that the plane rises up from the bottom. See it here:

This particular plane was found in the Murmansk region, the northern part of which is close to Finland and Norway. Here are those inner car tires on the wings.

As soon as they raised the plane they use pressurized water to remove the lake mud from the body.


8 Responses to “WW2 Plane Saved and Restored from the Bottom of Lake”

  1. john says:

    That is hard to believe,that is just amazing work. man u Russians are good

  2. john says:

    I would like to buy a print of last 2 photos. cool

  3. Darius says:

    Indeed a very well spotted that these are two different planes! The first is Yak-1 and the restored one is Mig-3!

  4. Miqueloneli says:

    A very beautiful job.

  5. David Walker says:

    Beautiful restoration. So much was done with so little left of the original airplane.

  6. TropicalStorm says:

    I didn’t see any of the old parts on the new plane. It looks as if they pulled out an old wreck, threw it away and built something else entirely new. That’s not a restoration, it is a new creation. Beautiful nevertheless.

  7. Azul says:


  8. weee disposal says:

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