10 Living on the Atomic Icebreaker

Living on the Atomic Icebreaker

Posted on June 24, 2014 by tim

What is it like to live on such a ship? Is it like living on a luxury cruise liner or is it more like staying in the cabin of a truck? We can find this out thanks to Sergei, who continues posting his photos from the trip he took on this large ship of the Russian fleet.

You might be surprised but there is even a room on this ship where the crew members can play volleyball!

Besides 155 cabins, this ship has the following amenities: a restaurant, a club cabin, a swimming pool, two saunas, a gym, a volleyball room, a basketball room and a table tennis room, as well as a library and some more!

Looks like this is a library.

As we mentioned in previous posts on the topic, those trips are sponsored by the oil drilling companies of Russia.

So you can see the uniform reflects their logo.

A Soviet relic.

A gym.

Even a punching bag. Which you can’t hit with your legs, though.

“Don’t hit the bag with your legs!”

“bring back the bench!”


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10 Responses to “Living on the Atomic Icebreaker”

  1. Pom2Ter says:

    Wow thank you for sharing this with us, I really love this nuclear Icebreaker. Everytime there is a posting about it I can’t believe all the amazing things we discover!

  2. A says:

    This is one of my dreams, to explore Arctic in Russian or better yet during Soviet era ice breaker. Its like adventure book. That and going in space.

  3. abc.rover says:

    It is so typical of Russian/Soviet industry.Capable of building a sophisticated, world beating, ship but they have to import the washing machines from Germany. A pity the pictures were not of a more technical nature though. After all gyms and saunas are not really newsworthy.

  4. Vijay says:

    Thanks for these very educative, informative pictures.

  5. dana says:

    a palm tree its all they need there….lol

  6. Enjoyed the photos of the Yamal. I have a Ural sidecar motorcycle that is named after the Yamal.

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