4 Russian Tsar Declaring the War

Russian Tsar Declaring the War

Posted on June 23, 2014 by tim

A crowd of people has gathered on the Dvortsovaia (Palace) square in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Russian Tsar Nikolai II comes to the balcony in person to read the declaration of War. The Russian empire declares the war on Germany. The crowd meet the decision of entering into a war with patriotic joy and enthusiasm. Some people hold banners: “Slavic people unite!”, “Let Serbia Live!”, “It is a Slavic Hour now!”, “All for one and one for all!”, “For Motherland!”.

See how it was with these wide screen documentary photos of the event that took place in the capital of Russia on August the 2nd, 1914. Three years before the emperor read another declaration of Abdication – causing Imperial Russia to cease to exist in 1917.






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4 responses to “Russian Tsar Declaring the War”

  1. George says:

    Not saying the tsar was good, (he did hurt a lot of people), but Germany couldn’t wait to smuggle Lenin back into Russia to start the revolution.
    You guys were duped, Germany was behind it all. They knew sending him back would cause Russia to get out of the war. (they thought they could then win)

  2. ukaluna says:

    And probably they were thinking like “hey when we have an opportunity let’s kill this fella and take over the government!” which happened in 3-4years after this speech.

  3. Vlad says:

    Germany together with the americans does the same now using Ukrayne!!!!!

    • hui says:

      No they don’t.
      Putin invaded Georgia
      Putin invaded Ukraine
      Moldava still occupied by Russian troops. Forget the noise and disinformation, Russian troops are now in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova…

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