2 Kazakhstan Super Grannies

Kazakhstan Super Grannies

Posted on June 22, 2014 by tim

A sort of strange show has started on Kazakhstan TV, as reported by a Kazakhstan online news outlet. They take women in their early sixties, then they call them  “super-agents-grannies”. Well, people in some other countries might argue that a woman in her sixties is not yet a granny, but in Kazakhstan, with its average life expectancy of sixty eight years (as reported by Google), the early sixties might be considered the age of being a granny.

As far as I understand it, they dress those grannies awkwardly, hand them guns and fast cars and instructors and then air it all to the public showing how the “grannies” manage to cope with all this. Let’s see what else they have, other than the guns.

Throwing frisbies.

This show makes the grannies compete with each other in order to win a final prize of one million in the local currency and the title of “Super Granny”. I still can’t be sure you can call these ladies grannies, though.

Getting their hands on tablet computers.

Riding mountain bikes.

…and Segways. This might be pretty tricky.

This is an example of what they want to call “granny”. Maralkhan (the lady’s name) is only fifty-six, but is also competing for the “Super-Granny” title.

In Soviet times they didn’t have much bowling in Kazakhstan, so bowling might also be considered something new for the “grannies”.

And yes, driving “tuned” cars.


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2 Responses to “Kazakhstan Super Grannies”

  1. George says:

    All fun and games until one breaks a hip….

    That’s a crossbow, not a gun.

    But, women make great shooters if they’re willing to learn. They have the patience and coordination that a lot of men don’t have. Men want to hurry and get it over with, or just kind of bust their way through. Women take their time.

    (that’s why women were chosen for telephone operators, and to do things like make the space suits for the Apollo missions and the “core memory ropes” for the computers (not regular core memory, but they did that too, this was memory “ropes”)

  2. Erik Johnson says:

    Thank you
    As always you have provided us in the rest of the world a unique view of subjects we might never have seen .
    Thank You so much

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