10 New Age Russian Soldier Equip

New Age Russian Soldier Equip

Posted on June 21, 2014 by tim

Russian blogger and editor of a Defense magazine, Igor K., has posted a few photos from the Paris exhibition where they presented the new Russian uniform equipment packages. These are not just uniforms, but are also the base weapons, base gadgets and link systems, etc. He didn’t leave a comment on what does what but we can still take a look at what should be the base equipment of a new age Russian soldier.


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10 Responses to “New Age Russian Soldier Equip”

  1. Dan says:

    It’s interesting that with all the new clothing and equipment that they are sticking with the kalashnikov rifle design rather than the newer AN-90 Nikonov rifle.
    BTW, those boots will not hold up in the wet taiga.

    • Foxtrott says:

      It’s the “new” AK-9 in 9x39mm, which is for all intents an puposes, a better allround catridge rifle combination than the AN-94’s 5.45. Plus a silenced sub-sonic round has other advantages ;)

      From what I heard/read on the issue the “tip of the spear” Russian forces will gradually be an all 9x39mm force (at least for assault rifles). Analysis of the ‘western’ operations in Afghanistan etc showed the utility of that round in carbine applications. Among them: extremely good ballistics and lethality out to the typical 300m carbine range. Even with equipped silencer. Plus much better man-stop power, than either 5.56mm or 5.45mm, while still providing decent control in full auto (contrary to 7.62x51mm “assault rifles”).

      There were rumors even US SOCOM was actually impressed enough to look at buying the 9.39mm round. In the end the main problem seems to have been that this round is completely incompatible with AR-15 type actions, and STANAG form factors.

    • Rob Norman says:

      Maybe there is a reason why it is the most used weapon in the world? And why change something if it works? And for the boots, of course they will not hold up. They are Russian and as the western propaganda has programed our heads, nothing from Russia are any good. They should use American equipment of course.

  2. Derek says:

    He looks so lifelike! And isn’t it sweet to give them video games to play.


  3. andris says:

    where is white flag?

  4. liptonius says:

    Cumbersome, complicated, with enough strapping to get caught on every twig, branch, projection and lever on the planet, this is a nightmare.

    In an emergency, getting dressed must be a 20-minute process, and by then… You’re dead!

    Cute shoes, though. Nikes?

  5. crimea says:

    turisty hehe

  6. Mike says:

    the eye shield on the scope is falling off, only matter of few minutes before it falls off. some of the straps look toy like, e.g. on the helmet, I suspect they won’t last. Nice copy of Western GPS devices, but equip each soldier with one? Very much doubt it. Plus 20 kg of batteries. I guess that is what the little backpack is for. Carry batteries. What is the plastic shield on the shoulder for? Antenna? The whole thing looks little unrealistic. But I am sure it is more fun to model gear than be at the barracks.

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