3 Wrong Type of Weed

Wrong Type of Weed

Posted on June 18, 2014 by tim


An interesting couple of photos were sent our way. According to the story, the community workers have messed up with the lawn seeds and weed seeds in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. In spring, when they planted the seeds, it all looked nice and green, but later when it went all the way through – and in some Russian cities they don’t mow the lawns too often, the people of the neighborhood found something that seems to be a wrong type of weed..




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3 Responses to “Wrong Type of Weed”

  1. HaMi says:

    Those can be without THC

  2. Colorado Nonnative says:

    Cannabis ruderalis….being used to create fast-growing autoflowering hybrids…

  3. Rob Norman says:

    You wont get much fun out of this kind of weed. Its rubbish. Better order some seeds of the real thing and grow it your self if you want to get stoned:)

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