4 Russian Arctic Oil Drill: Polar Helicopters Based on Atomic Ice Breakers

Russian Arctic Oil Drill: Polar Helicopters Based on Atomic Ice Breakers

Posted on June 17, 2014 by tim

To drill for oil in the Arctic, Russian oil companies host a fleet of Arctic aviation and ships. The larger companies have hired atomic ice breakers to deliver their teams deep into the Arctic. Those ice breakers often carry helicopters on board. They are used for research and scouting, for human transportation and the delivery of shipments to the drilling operations.

This is just one of their scout brigades, as in 2013 this company used a total of thirteen ships and three helicopters for their Arctic exploration. The exploration by these companies now exceeds the exploration the Soviet Union has carried out in this region.

Here is an example of the flying machines being used – the KA-32C.

The KA-32C can carry people, payloads, service the drilling operations, both on the ground and in the seas.

The author says that those KA helicopters are exclusively tuned to work in co-operation with icebreakers and are unique in the world.


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  1. bob says:

    …yep, keep finding that oil…..the U.S. will need it when they come ! The cheap,quality, easy to get, “Middle East” stuff that makes the “West” spin is soon to run out……What ? A liberal says ????….C.I.A. reports from the Carter administration….greatest threat to America in its history…”running out of oil” !…..”No!, we can run cars off of water,hydrogen,wood gas,ethyl?”…..Nope ! Buy the corn seeds, put gas in the tractor,use energy to grow/water/fertilize/pesticides/herbicides/… corn/etc…plus government bail outs, till under programs….print fake money…don’t add up ??? Google..http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2013/10/potus-world-running-out-of-oil-2804322.html

  2. Hugh Crawford says:

    Geez Bob.

    Why don’t you go post where paranoid nutters are welcome, and not waste things in here with your drivel.

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