4 Central Museum of Armed Forces

Central Museum of Armed Forces

Posted on June 14, 2014 by tim

The first exposition which showed the military condition of the Soviet Republic and the Red Army was organised in Moscow in the building of today’s State Universal Store, and was opened by Vladimir Lenin on the 25 May 1919, following a parade in Red Square.

On 23 December 1919 an order was issued for the formation of a museum-exposition “Life of the Red Army and Fleet” in the same location, whose purpose was to inform the public about the achievements of the post-October Revolution Soviet Russia in military education, culture and political discipline in the Red Army and Navy.

In 1951 the museum was renamed the Central Museum of the Soviet Army and in 1965 moved to its present location in a new, special building designed by architects N. Gaygarova and V. Barkhin. It was renamed once again, to the Central Museum of the Armed Forces of the USSR; it was given its present name in 1993.

This exposition is dedicated to the Russian Army prior to 1917.

The war of 1812.

World War I


The Great Patriotic War (World War II)

A part of the exhibition is devoted to the anti-Nazi coalition.

The second floor is almost entirely devoted to the Soviet Army and the armies of the Warsaw Pact.

The memorial to the submariners of “Kursk”.

An outdoor display shows more Soviet military equipment. Lots of planes, helicopters, as well as devices for their destruction.





An anti-submarine helicopter Ka-25.


It is not a color but primer. Volunteers and players of “World of Tanks” help to restore the tanks.

“We are a peaceful people, but our armored train is standing on the siding.” An armored locomotive OB number 5067 was made in 1896.

By the way, if you want a snack you can visit the restaurant front kitchen “Oh, the roads …” and enjoy lunch  “Soldiers ‘grub'” in two versions: “Army” and “Fleet”. The meals are served in the soldiers dishes. The price is not high.


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