14 Russian Army in Serbia, 1999

Russian Army in Serbia, 1999

Posted on June 12, 2014 by tim

Exactly 15 years ago, the Russian army with around two hundred soldiers, marched over 600km across Serbia and entered Pristina, Kosovo to occupy the nearby airport “Slatina”. They say this was the only airport around that was capable of receiving the heavy transport planes and NATO wanted to take control of it. However, Russian commanders were said to be unhappy that most of the decisions in Kosovo and Serbia at time were made without consulting with them. They decided to bypass NATO and occupy a part of Kosovo by themselves, blocking NATO forces from using the vital airport and in this way control all the nearby region all by themselves.

They ordered 200 Russian soldiers to move out of the NATO base where they were located and cross six hundred kilometers across the country. The soldiers didn’t know where they were going. They were tasked to go as fast as possible, however local Serbian citizens often slowed them down.

Not because they wanted to block Russian invaders, but because they wanted to say “Thank You!” and give the flowers to the column of Russian BTRs and vehicles waving Russian flags moving through Serbia.

Later, they managed to reach the airport before the NATO forces and blocked it. English and American forces tried to enter the airport but had to give up, as they were warned off with guns. The Russian BTRs moved to every NATO helicopter that was trying to land on the airfield and interfered with landings, so nobody landed.

Reportedly, it didn’t take long for the two hundred military men to run out of food and water. According to the initial plan, supplies and more troops had to be delivered from Russia by transport planes, however Hungary and Bulgaria denied Russian planes access to their air space due to their affiliation with NATO.

They say the NATO soldiers helped them with water and supplies, but they still didn’t let them in.

That’s a NATO tank standing near the locked gate at the entrance to the airport.

–nextpage–Later, during the talks in Helsinki, Finland, the work around was found. However, they say that at some point in time the commander of NATO forces ordered General Jackson to “suppress the airport defense”, which Jackson recalls “in practice meant to kill the Russians, which I didn’t plan to do”. So he didn’t carry out the order.

Whoever is interested in reading more might refer to wiki article on this.


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14 responses to “Russian Army in Serbia, 1999”

  1. Muzzlehatch says:

    NATO wasn’t ready to begin WWIII just yet.

    • Ratko says:

      The NATO had trouble bombing Serbia. In their initial plan they thought it would take several days to force Serbia to give up Kosovo. But as conflict kept on going, there were panicking. The alliance was crumbling. First of all Serbia had important information of the bombing campaign. A French officer leaked documents to the Serbian army, thereby allowing the armed forces to prepare for the attack. They even hadn’t enough bombs and had to order a lot more. The NATO pilots were afraid to fly on a lower altitude because of the Serbian air defence. In Kosovo itself, NATO tried a different approach. The used Apache helicopters, but after two got shot down they gave up and tried to force Serbia on its knees by destroying power plants, schools and hospitals. NATO isnt as strong as people think.

  2. dekip says:

    Pussies, why you leave? Why did you go from Kosovo and Metohija?

  3. B says:

    I remember reading about this when i was in grade 10. I was thinking, Sooo awesome!

  4. Jimmy says:

    These Russian troops were ridiculed during that time, the blocked the airport but were literally starving, they had no food. Just their guns. That’s how screwed were Russian armed forces during that time.

    • JacobPG1 says:

      That’s because “friends of NATO” blocked Russian air supplies to the airport.

      • pongo says:

        Its because the Russians had driven from Kosovo without making any plan or logistic arrangements.

        When it was decided by the British commander not to eject the Russians from the airport by force, it was agreed that the Russians would then open and operate the airport on behalf of all nations.

        Unfortunately, the Russian paratroops completely lacked any knowledge or technical expertise in running an airport. Consequently, the Russians released the control tower and main installations to the RAF, who then opened the airport.

        The Russian contingent then just guarded the bunkers and storage areas containing the stuff they didn’t want the international community to see…..

  5. George says:

    So without NATO, you guys would have starved to death?

  6. Pongo says:

    I was one of the guys who had to arrange food and water for these idiots.

    They were actually there to (try to) conceal Russian military weaponry & equipment that had recently been delivered to Serbia in violation of international embargo…

    • hrc says:

      “International Embargo” … the world is not NATO piece of shit , the so called “international community only represent 10% of the world.

      • reality says:

        hrc, I stumbled upon this article by chance and I saw your comment which has to be corrected. The international embargo was indeed international as was voted by the UN Security Council together with Russia (I am citing Russia just for the record). There were only 2 abstained countries- China and Zimbabwe. Russia agreed on complete embargo on ex-Yugoslavia, the resolution excluded only humanitarian aid.

  7. Ratko says:

    God bless those Russian soldiers. Kosovo is still an integral part of Serbia, despite what the West says. One day it will be Serbian again. Even the Ottoman Empire wasnt able to crush the Slavic spirit. The Western governments are playing a dirty game, but there aware that the political power in the world is shifting. There Russian also picked up the left over of the F117 stealth airplane, which the Serbian army shot down.

    • Qiresi says:

      Ratko, in what planet do you live? Kosovo is an independent state now, recognized by most of the countries of the world, Western countries especially. So cut off the nonsense. You Serbians watch out you birth rate, I read somewhere that Serbia has one of the most aging populations in the world, declining rapidly every year. That’s something to worry about, not fairy tales no one believes.

  8. RT says:

    KOSOVO belong to SERBIA!!!!

    nato , uSSrael SUCKS!!!

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