13 NATO Armies Still Use Soviet War Machines

NATO Armies Still Use Soviet War Machines

Posted on June 9, 2014 by tim

One guy visited the Berlin Air Show 2014 in Germany last Saturday and noticed that some of the NATO countries are still equipped with Soviet planes and helicopters. He took a few photos to illustrate his story – this copter in the photo above is a Russian Mi-24 helicopter used in the Czech Air Force. There are more examples inside.


This one is the same Mi-24.

This one is another Czech MI-24, in different camo paint.

“MI-24 V”

And here comes a Polish MIG-29.


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13 Responses to “NATO Armies Still Use Soviet War Machines”

  1. Darius says:

    No surprise – small NATO countries (especially the new members) do not have money to replace very often such expensive equipment. In the next decades they will gradually upgrade this old stuff. Else they buy something used like Poland for example these days is buying used Leopards (2A4?) from Germany.

  2. mitro says:

    It is amazing…
    The new NATO members are from Warsaw pact or east european country and that’s why the Soviet military war machines can still be operated by those members

  3. Ve39 says:

    it is also very expensive to train personnel to use NATO (western) equipment and very time consuming. What’s the point when the whole eastern block grew up using Russian equipment.

  4. Rteddy says:

    Many of these machines were given to the Czech Republic in 2005 because Russians were not able to pay they 3,7 bilion dolar debt from the soviet era.

  5. Soviet Samurai says:

    I love how American propaganda uses the term war machines, its like they are on a mission to destroy and cut off any Russian food supply. Must all the helicopters in the world be American otherwise youre an evil country? They use the term Soviet propaganda like on a religious crusade. Nearly all russian movies are considered Soviet propaganda when in fact Russians are considered evil in nearly every American movie. Red Dawn, Rocky, Black Eagle, Spit on your grave 2, Iron Man 2 (Crimson Dynamo), Green Hornet, A Good Day To Die Hard. It is not Russia that is the aggressors in cold war but America. It is not Russia that invades other countries, if you look at the history Russia is always the defender and not the aggressor. We protect our borders and people and every country has the right to do so as well, without America shoving their nose in everyones business telling them how to live.

    • Western civilization says:

      Russia is not invading other countries you say??? What about Afghanistan? What about Chechnya? What about the present situation in the Ukraine. Russia are showing teeth, but as it is with North Korea, your´e all talk and a bunch of outdated military hardware

      • del Rey. says:

        Look who’s talking. A typical arogant american hypocrite. Was it not your country that shot down a civilian Iranian airliner in 1988, was it not your country that created the tourture prison of Guantanamo without regard to any human rights or human dignity? Was it not your country that sponsored the outbreaks of civil war in Libya, Egypt, Syria and now the Ukraine? Was it not your country that invaded Iraq under false pretences in pursuit of a new world order just like the Nazis in WWII? Was it not your country that bombed civilians in Belgrade and supported the violent break-up of Yugoslavia? Is it not your country that supports Israel’s war crimes and ethnic genocide against the Palestinians? Is it not your country that kills children in Pakistan and Afghanistan with drones? Is it not your country that is hiding all evidence about the downing of the Malaysian airliner earlier this year and the one last week? Is it not your country that makes parody of justice, democracy and rule of law – all in the interests of american hegemony and imperialism? Well, I have news for you – your time is over, the evel american empire’s time is over. The world is no longer unipolar. Get used to it.

  6. fedor says:

    The greatest enemy of EUROPE is AMERIKA

  7. euSSa says:

    @ Western civilization

    afghanistan ?
    you soooo stupid kid
    1st it was soviet union
    2nd the afghanistan goverment asked the soveits for help against terrorist…
    usa did supported this terrorits!!!
    about 90% of russian war was on own border that means DEFENSE !!!

    USA WAR ? MORE than 90% OUTSIDE !!!! PURE INVADERS !!!! iraq lybien afghanistan yemen vietnam korea and and … no one asked you …
    western loser !!!
    even thw usa is stolen from native american true genocide !!! hollywood wester loser !!!
    always weak …

  8. Western civilization says:

    HA!!! Brothers. You Russians would love it if all the former USSR countries were one again. The problem with you and more specific your maniac of a president can´t seem to cope with the fact that you are no longer a superpower. Yes yes you have nukes. So does 50 other countries. Besides from that, your warmachine is something that looks like a remnant from a second hand fleemarket. And no, the weapons used in Afghanistan are not western weapons, they are all AK47´s, and I trust you know where they come from.
    Apparantly Putins propaganda is working very well. The countries that the US have engaged in for the last 25 yaars are ALL NATO commanded operations and for the most part, the countries in question have asled for help themselves. Take the present situation in Iraq for example. Who is asking for help?? That´s right, the Iraqies themselves. As did Libya, as did Syria. So getb your facts straight. The same goes for you euSSa

  9. Ratko says:

    The US also invaded former Yugoslavia. They destroyed everything on its path. They succeed in wiping out the Serbian civilization in Kosovo

  10. Noynavs says:

    Hey! Can’t we all just get along???

  11. kero ne mire says:

    dear russian people
    everyone should understand science = copy paste ;)

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