3 Trip to Home in Chukotka

Trip to Home in Chukotka

Posted on June 6, 2014 by tim

A normal trip home in Chukotka, Russia may look something like this. Those all terrain vehicles are the only reliable means of transportation and communication between the town of Anadir and other places, Evgeniy Basov, a local of Chucotka, writes in his blog. He says that people can wait weeks for a plane trip in the local airport because of the weather conditions, which is much worse than taking the trip in one of those vehicles, which in the worst case scenario, can take two days to get you to the place you need to go. However he mentions that the all terrain vehicles are mostly used to bring perishable groceries: milk, eggs, fresh foods etc. into town.

This time, the author took a trip in one of these and they were also carrying some food as a part of their mission:

A machine with an engine developing a few hundred horsepower moves the crew through the icy terrain.

They move with a speed of 35 – 40 km/h, the author says, the road goes along the frozen Arctic Ocean coast. The dog seems to be used to such trips.

At three o’clock in the morning (3.00am) the group of vehicles stops for a sleep. There is no rush in our ride, the author says, we don’t carry anything urgent or perishable.

9.00am – the trip continues.


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3 Responses to “Trip to Home in Chukotka”

  1. john says:

    cool machines

  2. Dave says:

    Anybody know what those vehicles are called??

  3. mitro says:

    The team look like researchers..
    The Oil, Gas, gold, Cu, Ni, and other mining stuffs are always be interested to look for..
    They are the source of human life beside food and fresh air

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