4 An Abandoned Soviet Stand for Testing Rocket Engines

An Abandoned Soviet Stand for Testing Rocket Engines

Posted on June 1, 2014 by tim

This stand is for testing rocket engines and is situated in the Saratovskaya region. A rocket engine was installed on it and was worked in different modes.

During the test, the whole team of engineers was in the observation post, which had thick walls of reinforced concrete. The entire process was controlled remotely. A special cooling system was a supporting structure of the stand. The water was circulated through the pipes to the tank with water which was  located downstairs.

Video showing the stand in action.


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4 Responses to “An Abandoned Soviet Stand for Testing Rocket Engines”

  1. javox says:

    damm i cant belive how much stuff r abandoned around all over the ex ussr, so much testing place where once was full of engeeniers researchin, and now is all abandoned, probably there r others more modern for sure

  2. jc says:

    Anyone help with a better location for this, going to be difficult to find otherwise…..

  3. Lutz says:

    Check the comments of the youtube video for the location.

  4. Wouter says:

    53.534288, 49.853873 Your welcome.

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