3 Walking Around the Kremlin

Walking Around the Kremlin

Earlier today we had a flight around the Kremlin in an army helicopter, now we have a walk around the Kremlin. Ever
wondered how one actually sees this red building not on a postcard but when he finds himself around it?

23 Get Berlin

Get Berlin

Putting a funny mustache on the front of your car? Sticking a pair of deer horns out of the window before the Christmas? You'll never see that in Russia, however what you can see is the cars decorated as tanks, Katyusha rocket launchers,
deliberately covered in camp and dirt. This is how the enthusiasts prepare their cars for the upcoming Victory Day. The most popular slogan on those cars is: "Get Berlin!". However this year some people add "and Maidan (Ukraine)" to it.

2 Russian Military Helicopters Fly Over the Kremlin

Russian Military Helicopters Fly Over the Kremlin

Russian military helicopters went flying right above the heart of Moscow - the Kremlin and the Red Square. Normally, flights above Moscow are prohibited, only in 2013 did they allow the airplanes to fly above the city but they couldn't go
lower than a certain altitude. However, for the military parade preparations, they have allow Russian military helicopters to fly low and right above the Kremlin, so now we can have a chance to see how it looks from above.

4 Russian Space Agency Roskosmos Broadcasts from Space to Instagram

Russian Space Agency Roskosmos Broadcasts from Space to Instagram

Mostly in Instagram we can see photos of food, popular stars, selfies...But also
there is such an Instagram that can make you wonder. It is Roskosmos's page there.

4 Grannies of Astana Selling their Foods

Grannies of Astana Selling their Foods

Grannies of Astana, the Kazakh capital. Sometimes their only option to survive is to sell their homemade food on the streets. Some of them do it to save extra money and help their kids. Some of them are 70 - 80 years old, some as young as 55 as the
retirement age in some ex-Soviet countries starts at 55 for ladies. Some ladies buy their raw produce from the stores, but some grow their food themselves on their plots of land. We can take a more detailed look at them inside.

6 Abandoned Microbiology Lab

Abandoned Microbiology Lab

So this is what is said to be an abandoned microbiology lab in Russia. Growing micro organisms for research at one time and now it's a mess - old jars with who knows what
inside are broken or open, large high pressure tanks are unsealed and leaking. Some rooms even have green moss or something similar growing on their floors.

4 A Plant and Its Shelter

A Plant and Its Shelter

Photographers secretly visiting some places, unknown to the owners, sometimes don't like to disclose where exactly they photographed, leaving the pictures to talk for themselves. Same thing this time, the photographer calling herself "Pila" has posted this plant which looks like it stayed empty for at least some time but it is not clear if it has been
abandoned yet or if it is just waiting for its days to come. The photos are pretty wide and larger ones can be accessed by clicking them, also the post consists of two parts - first is the plant's top level workshops which were accessed during daylight and the second part is the underground shelter which stretches beneath the plant.

25 Looting the Industrial Union in Donetsk, Ukraine

Looting the Industrial Union in Donetsk, Ukraine

Protesters in Donetsk breaking into the office building of "Industrial Union of Donbass", which is reportedly owned by the current Donetsk governor Taruta, who has been called "millionaire" and "oligarch" and appointed as a governor by the current Ukrainian authorities. He is also
known for his "border ditch". People have reported that the local police didn't prevent people from doing this and the onlookers were shouting "good job!" in approval. It has been reported that furniture and office equipment was taken away from the building.
0 Military Engineers in Field

Military Engineers in Field

  An example of Russian military engineers in the field, finding and
disarming land mines. Full screen photos, enlargeable on click.

1 Su-24 Taking Off and in the Air

Su-24 Taking Off and in the Air

An Su-24 jet flying around Orenburg city. As Michael, the photographer, says the plane has to speed up to around 400 km/h for
a take off - during this time, the land literary trembles because of the jet's power, then it goes off to the air.

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