4 Americans in Russia 1992

Americans in Russia 1992

For decades, cultural and casual contacts between Russian common people and American people were close to impossible in the Soviet state. People couldn't meet an American on the streets, Americans didn't come for cultural or study exchanges, and even on TV you couldn't see much of the American people. Then, in late 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, things started to change at a fast pace: Americans and other foreigners started appearing in Russia in increasing numbers. Missionaries brought tons of free bibles - books that were previously not published in Soviet Russia, teachers and schools established student exchanges and brought their students from USA with them to explore Russian life. "What? She doesn't want to eat caviar? She is what? A Vegetarian? What the heck is that?" - was a reaction from
common Russian people when, for the first time in their life, they encountered an American student who was a vegetarian and who refused to eat the tasty caviar they offered to her as part of the welcome program in school. In a few years Russian people got more used to the foreign presence, however most encounters with people from abroad in that turning point times was of an extraordinary meaning for the people involved. Here are some photos of one such visit of Americans to a Russian school in 1992. The Russian people meeting them decorated the rooms with balloons and hand-written banners in English. Ladies dressed and people lined up for a meeting. Later, the American guests were served tea and cakes and received presents from the audience.

2 Sayano-Shushenskaia Hydro Power Plant in 2014

Sayano-Shushenskaia Hydro Power Plant in 2014

Yesterday, we showed you the Sayano-Shushenskaia power plant tram, and now we offer you a look on the plant itself. It suffered an explosion some time
ago, but was recovered and looks like its doing well, according to these photos. Photos are clickable for larger versions of the images.

0 Sorting Luggage in Moscow Domodedovo Airport

Sorting Luggage in Moscow Domodedovo Airport

What does happen with luggage in the airport? Does a bag have a long trip from the check-in to
boarding? The pictures will show the way bags are handled, using the Domodedovo airport as an example.

3 The Hydro Dam Tram

The Hydro Dam Tram

It's hard to believe but there is only one free tram in Russia. It operates in the village of Cheryomushky, and it is one of the smallest in the territory of Russia and the last created in the USSR and Russian
tram system. It was opened on 18 May 1991. Every morning, the village hears the solid thud of railway wheels, as the local tram delivers people to their work - the Sayano-Shushenskaya Power Plant.

6 How Bad City of Pripyat is Today?

How Bad City of Pripyat is Today?

What is happening with houses in Pripyat today? Why are they becoming dangerous? They have been empty for up to 30 years. In 1986 they were full of people,
the utilities were functioning, repairs were done in a timely manner, but after the accident all of the houses in the town were abandoned.

2 Abandoned Porcelain Factory of Novij Brothers

Abandoned Porcelain Factory of Novij Brothers

This time we're visiting an abandoned porcelain factory. It has a history going back as far as 1816 when it was founded by two brothers. After the Russian revolution it was nationalized and became the property of the state, without ceasing production though. It is said the most popular products of the factory were hand painted tea sets. Later, after the
USSR collapse, the factory got into private hands again but stopped production totally in 2001. For some time afterwards, it was preserved by the owners but later they decided to scrap everything so the place became abandoned and it became possible for enthusiasts to sneak in and take some photos like the ones we have here today.

24 On the Border of Chechnya and Georgia

On the Border of Chechnya and Georgia

There was a war here 20 years ago. Now
everything looks peaceful and beautiful.
5 Full Screen Parade Shot with GoPros

Full Screen Parade Shot with GoPros

We added this video earlier today to the sidebar (by the way, this is a way to find all of the new videos - just look down the column on the right of the website - it says "Latest videos" and it has them appearing there, or subscribe to English Russia youtube channel). So what's so special about this particular video that it went from the sidebar to the main section is that this year the
Russian army parade on the Red Square had some GoPros (or similar) cameras installed on the vehicles - on tanks, APCs and so on. So this time we can get a view of what it looks like to go around the Red Square on a tank when others dance around or just watch. The best way to see this video is full screen as it's HD, you can get it full screen by clicking here.

9 Inside of Sixteen Storied Building in Pripyat Chernobyl

Inside of Sixteen Storied Building in Pripyat Chernobyl

There are seven 16-storey apartment buildings in Pripyat. Five of them were built according to the special plans that could be suitable only in closed
satellite-towns near nuclear power plants. It is very dangerous to visit such buildings in Pripyat - about one third of them could collapse at any time.

2 Russian Soldiers in Ethiopia in 1970s

Russian Soldiers in Ethiopia in 1970s

The Russian Army in Ethiopia in the 1970s. Taken out of private album,
these are pretty widescreen photos of Russian soldiers in Africa.

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