5 The Train of the Tsar

The Train of the Tsar

   Interior and exterior shots of the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II. Inside the cars were couches, dining tables and armchairs, and a special electric generator. Sometimes we cannot say
if the shot is of the inside of a train or of a normal permanent palace. The date the photos were taken is approximately 1896 or1897 - right after the Tsar came to reign.
8 Mysterious Stone Balls

Mysterious Stone Balls

The Champ island is very popular among tourists who sail on a cruise to the Arctic. And no wonder, it has strange
objects, the origin of which is still not clear, and this puzzle is not expected to be solved in the near future.

11 Russian Helicopter MI-28

Russian Helicopter MI-28

A few facts about the MI-28 Russian helicopter, from the photographer - Sergei: After the war of Afghanistan, it was clear that the Soviet army needed a new helicopter to replace the MI-24 that was used at time. In 1982 the Mile bureau introduced the new helicopter - the MI-28, which was equal to
the newly adopted "Apache" helicopters of USA and superseding the existing Soviet MI-24 copters. This was the most armored helicopter in the world. It couldn't be shot down from the ground with the use of just handheld fire arms. In 1984 the machine went into production.

3 How Diamonds Are Mined (in Russia)

How Diamonds Are Mined (in Russia)

Diamonds were formed more than 300 million years ago. Kimberlite magma formed at a depth of 20 or 25 km. Magma gradually rises along faults in the crust and when the upper layer can no longer hold back the pressure of the magma, an eruption occurs. The first such "pipes" were found in Kimberley inSouth Africa and from there came the name. In the mid 50s rich primary diamond deposits were discovered in Yakutia. Here the diamonds were found in about 1500 kimberlite pipes. The Russian company "ALROSA" produces 99% of diamonds in
Russia and more than 25% of the diamonds in the world . The kimberlite pipe "Mir" (Peace) is an indigenous diamond mine that had been opened in 1955. The field was developed initially at Mirny where an open pit mine and processing plant were created. The quarry has a depth of 525 m and a diameter of 1.2 km, so it is one of the largest in the world. Diamondiferous kimberlite ore open pit mining ceased in June 2001. Since 2009, mining diamond ore is done in the "Mir" underground mine.

6 Steampunk Artist from Minsk

Steampunk Artist from Minsk

This workshop is officially engaged in the repair of household appliances, repairing refrigerators and electric stoves, but it is passion which became the hallmark of Dmitry Tihonenko - a man who can turn your regular microwave into a
steampunk work of art. Not everyone can get into a separate room, where Dmitry's works are. Here one can find the table that that is bound with copper, standing next to a copper plate, a copper coffee machine and a microwave.

5 Donetsk, Ukraine 1962

Donetsk, Ukraine 1962

If you have watched the news lately and had seen some coverage of Ukraine, you probably have seen some armed men. Most of those, I think, come from the Donetsk region. The "capital" of this area is the city of Donetsk - a city of almost one million people. The main theme of the region might be called coal mining - Donetsk itself hosts the main offices and the coal mines of the region give work to
thousands of people involved in this business. They have an official symbol for Donetsk - the figure of a coal miner, and the local football club was called "Coal-miner". And now, a set of pictures from Donetsk taken in 1962. A totally different time, Donetsk is already a center for coal mining in Ukraine and an important supplier of coal for the whole of the Soviet Union.
0 No Panic Here

No Panic Here

    This panorama looks like an abandoned town that got flooded but people play cool
about it. There is no panic, not even a single sign of despair. Do you want to know why?

7 Night Hunters and Alligators Prepare for Aviadarts

Night Hunters and Alligators Prepare for Aviadarts

  "Night hunters", "Alligators", "Crocs": all those and more are the names of Russian helicopters - Mi-28H, Ka-52, Mi-24/Mi-35 respectively, that arrived at a Russian shooting range,
"Pogonovo", to participate in "Avia - darts 2014" - a contest among the military pilots" - reports Dmitry with these wide screen clickable photos of the above-mentioned 'copters.

5 Tourism in USSR

Tourism in USSR

Ok, speaking about cold river kayaking, here we find a set of Soviet era photos of people traveling around. In the USSR a person, as a rule, couldn't travel abroad so most of population travelled inside the country. The country had
different places to offer - people could climb mountains, kayak and raft in rivers, ride skis or simply go camping. All this can be seen in these widescreen, mostly color, photos of Soviet tourism.  

1 Rafting in Ice Cold Water

Rafting in Ice Cold Water

I've noticed that rafting has become more and more popular in Russia recently. People who live in big cities try to go to the rivers out in the country. Sometimes they go rafting in the ice cold water while snow remains on the ground. Rafts overturn - people fall into the water,
they're hit by waves and the strong river streams. This is an example of river raft racing in the Sayani mountains in Siberia. Rafts got overturned, people fell into the water, snow is still on the ground - the water could be close to zero Celsius. Cold!

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