2 Abandoned Nuclear Missile Silos around Saratov

Abandoned Nuclear Missile Silos around Saratov

 A few photos of missile launch facilities. Some of them are new, some are old, some are closed and some are unfinished. Most of them are from the Saratov city region. The first one you see above is an unfinished one, a silo for three R-14 missiles, which was being constructed near Saratov city in Russia in the 1960s and
1970s. Some say the reason for abandoning the project was that the rocket it was built for became obsolete before it was finished. Also some think that the project was found to be ineffective by placing three rockets in one place, because if it was nuked by the enemy three rockets would be lost at once.

7 Medical APC After Ambush in Ukraine

Medical APC After Ambush in Ukraine

Just a few photos of a medical APC which reportedly got into an ambush in Ukraine. Here are the comments accompanying the photos: "Was shot while moving on the
road, it's a medical BTR-4, attackers were shooting specifically into windows, tires and lights. The armored windows were able to sustain the bullets."

4 Abandoned Village in Subtropical Ossetia

Abandoned Village in Subtropical Ossetia

Sadon and Halon - these villages were destroyed by mudslides in the not so distant past, in 2002. For more than a century, nonferrous metallurgy was considered to be the foundation of the North Ossetian industry. Mining began to develop here in the 1850s, with the participation of foreign capital. The
Alagirsky silver-plumbum plant was built, and development of Sadonskoe mine had began. In 1886, the Belgian miners built the towns of Halon and Sadon, and they survived until 2002. Then the mudflows flooded the mines and buildings were ruined. Today, Sadon and Halon are dangerous to live in.

0 Young Soviet Pilots in Training

Young Soviet Pilots in Training

  1960s - 1980s, Kharkov, Soviet Union. Photos of young Soviet future army pilots going through their daily routines:
 sleeping, physical training, getting their hands on the newest plane equipment, taking first test flights and more.

2 “Glorious Past”: A Few Photos from Soviet Magazine Ogonyok

“Glorious Past”: A Few Photos from Soviet Magazine Ogonyok

A few photos from the Soviet magazine, OGONYOK. These selected photos of Soviet photo journalists are colorful, and
made to cheer up Soviet people all over the country. The first photo was entitled "In Moscow backyard" 1962.

0 Once Abandoned Salt Mine

Once Abandoned Salt Mine

A few pics from an abandoned salt mine village in the Altai region of Russia. As Dmitriy, the blogger, says, In the 1970s this place had almost 2,000 inhabitants, most of them supported by working the salt mine in the village. In the
1990s the place went bankrupt, the salt from this village couldn't compete with cheaper salt from elsewhere. Lately people are again returned to the place but salt production can't be compared to the previous volumes.

3 Stray Dog Protects Small Kittens

Stray Dog Protects Small Kittens

A homeless dog found kittens in the trash hut, then started to protect and feed them. "Kids have found kittens in the scrap yard, and made a little hut for them. But then a stray dog appeared and started living
with the kitties. It doesn't eve eat the food that is for the kittens." - says Natalya, a nearby resident. The dog has reportedly stayed with the kittens inside the hut for more than three weeks.

2 Russian Radio Phones from 1950s

Russian Radio Phones from 1950s

In 1957, Leonud Kupriyanovich received a copyright certificate for "radiophone" - an automatic radio telephone with a direct line. Through an automatic telephone station this unit could be connected to any subscriber of a telephone network
within the coverage area of the "radiophone" transmitter. At that time it was the first valid set of radio telephony equipment, demonstrating the principle of the "radiophone". It was named after the inventor, LC-1 .

3 Russian Geothermal Power Stations

Russian Geothermal Power Stations

Kamchatka is the land of the living volcanoes. But people have learned how to get benefit from volcanoes. Only 50
people work at the Mutnovsko Geothermal energy plant, which supplies a third of central Kamchatka with energy.

6 Largest Soviet Toy Store

Largest Soviet Toy Store

"Detskiy Mir" - "Children's World" - was a network of Soviet toy stores. The chain's largest flagship store was located at Lubyanka square. The same square where the flagship KGB building
was and still is. What an irony. So here are some photos from inside the place a lot of Soviet kids were eager to get into as it was probably the best stocked store in town.

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