4 Rocket Cruiser Ukraina

Rocket Cruiser Ukraina

The rocket cruiser "Ukraina" according to Wiki, is a Slava class Soviet cruiser laid down in 1983 but left unfinished when works stopped in the early 1990s due to financial constraints, and with Ukraine ownership. In 1997, Ukraine stated that it didn't need it and offered it for sale, as there was about 30 millions dollars
needed to complete the vessel. Russia first wanted to buy it reportedly, but in 2011 Russian navy sources stated that Russia is only interested in obtaining the cruiser if they can have it free of charge. So here it has stayed in the dock for years, equipped with the Navy version of S-300 rockets.

0 Life of One KA-18

Life of One KA-18

KA-18 is a Russian helicopter made by Kamov. Only about two hundred of these were built, with the first taking flight in 1955, according to Wiki.  As Russian blogger Doroshenko reports, this particular KA-18 was built in
1960 for the All-Russian Exhibition Centre exposition of same year. Later it was used in the flight division stationed near Moscow city. In 1971 it was decommissioned but that didn't end its story...

6 Border Guard Day 2014

Border Guard Day 2014

Today it was Border Guard Day in Russia - the day when ninety-six years ago a Soviet Border Guard was established by the order of Sovnarkom (who reported to Lenin himself at time). Since then, the 28th of May is the day. Wiki says that
"foreign countries" that were previously a part of USSR honor this day for their border guards as well and celebrate it too. So Russian blogger Ilya went out to check on what the Moscow people were up to on Border Guard Day.    

3 Command and Control Center Able to Withstand Nuclear Attack

Command and Control Center Able to Withstand Nuclear Attack

This is the most famous underground object in Saratov. It was abandoned in 2008 and now almost everything has been stolen from it. This is a unified
command center. A long time ago from the -11th level of this underground facility, the launches of ballistic continental missiles were ordered.

16 Third Reich Artifacts Out of Russian Soil

Third Reich Artifacts Out of Russian Soil

That's an another example of what a metal detector, a shovel and a few hours of hard work can bring you while wandering through the Russian forests. You can start digging virtually anywhere with a chance of a find, as if you stop on your trip through European Russia and take a few steps into the wilderness you for sure can find the surrounding landscape being strangely uneven. It looks like the solid ground is wavy, with depressions here and there. What those are is the old time army
trenches left from the World War 2 era, and they can be encountered in the woods, on the outskirts of the villages, etc. I recall seeing those things around very often, and many remain untouched with no visible traces of modern excavation present, so probably a good shovel can help you get something like the things depicted here too. More guns, coins, nazi memorabilia and even hand grenades and machine gun ammo loads can be seen inside this post.

0 Hydro Station on Azure Waters

Hydro Station on Azure Waters

The Miatlinskaya HPS - is the third stage of the hydroelectric power stations cascade, which are located near the village of Miatli in Dagestan. The installed capacity of the HPS is 220 MW, and the
average annual output - 690 million kW • h. In addition, the reservoir formed by the Miatlinskaya HPS provides a drinkable water supply for Makhachkala city, the capital of Dagestan.
9 Abandoned and Rusty Soviet Turbo Jet Train

Abandoned and Rusty Soviet Turbo Jet Train

Some time ago we had a few photos of a piece of technology called "Soviet Turbojet Train".   The projected speed for this out-of-the-sixties monster was planned to be up to 360 km/h, and it set a record of 250 km/h on the Soviet standard railway. The project was discarded afterwards, partly due to the very high fuel
consumption of the jet engines compared to the engines of jet planes, and we thought the only train built was lost, but recently these guys discovered it rusting on the back ways of some railroad. So let's take a closer look on this unique example of Soviet technology out of 1960s and 1970s:

6 The World Festival of Youth and Students 1957

The World Festival of Youth and Students 1957

A few photos from the event called "The World Festival of Youth and Students" that took place in 1957 in
Moscow, USSR. I can spot the participants from Mexico, Sudan, Italy, China, Indonesia and more.

0 Shipping Loaded Fire Trucks Where Needed

Shipping Loaded Fire Trucks Where Needed

  If there is a fire around but no fire trucks, then an MI-26 helicopter can bring you a fire truck on demand. As the author of the photos says, it takes less than two minutes to load the truck into the helicopter. He says those MI-26's can carry a payload of up to 20 tons and the crew of each is six
people. Also, the engines of the beast are rated at 11,400 horse power. The fire truck goes inside fully loaded with water in its tank, so if there is a fire somewhere where no trucks are available, they can be delivered in minutes right to the place. More photos are inside.

10 Apartments of Chernobyl

Apartments of Chernobyl

"Apartments of Chernobyl." What does this phrase mean, what associations it cause in your mind? Unlike the fully resettled and long abandoned Pripyat, where only the laundry is operating now, the city of Chernobyl is partly residential - workers live there - liquidators who undertake
the construction of a new Chernobyl containment structure and totally eliminate the consequences of the accident. In the city there are also old abandoned sectors, consisting mainly of the private sector. Since 1986, only the wind of emptiness walks there.

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