3 Loading Ammo into Helicopters

Loading Ammo into Helicopters

Posted on May 30, 2014 by tim

Then missiles are loaded, it’s an easy job which is handled by one person.

However loading the ammo into cannons is much more complicated and takes more time.

After the ammo is loaded into special ribbons, it’s then lubricated with oil.

This small ribbon weighs ten pounds, and it is just a fraction of how much more ammo can fit into the cannons, however larger ribbons are much heavier.

Can you guess what’s being mounted here?

Those are GoPros!

“Helicopter is loaded” sticker being placed after the job is done.


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3 Responses to “Loading Ammo into Helicopters”

  1. edgar says:

    Imagine if those males spent their time on something more productive than playing with helicopters.
    They could have built several houses or good roads.

  2. Kran says:

    That’s not the cockpit from any of the shown helicopters.

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