3 Loading Ammo into Helicopters

Loading Ammo into Helicopters

Posted on May 30, 2014 by tim

If helicopter guns can shoot all their ammo stock in just a few seconds, loading the ammo into them might take much more time. Here Dmitry Chuchkin has visited the airfield “Baltimor” to see how the Mi-28 and Ka-52 Russian copters are prepared before going to the drill. The story is inside. Don’t forget to click on the photos you like – they expand to widescreen ones.

Then the trucks with ammo arrive.

Trucks go one by one to each copter and unload two crates of ammo. The smaller box has ammo for 30-mm helicopter cannon, the larger one has missiles.

Those are missile boxes.

And those are the cannon ammo.

Before doing anything with ammo, a red flag is planted in front of the helicopter restricting anyone from passing in front of the cannons as there have been occasions when people were hurt.

However Dmitry says sometimes people cross the line by accident.

For this drill each copter gets twenty rounds of ammo for its guns – the armor-piercing tracer and high-explosive types of ammo – you can see they are different by their striped bullet cap.


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  1. edgar says:

    Imagine if those males spent their time on something more productive than playing with helicopters.
    They could have built several houses or good roads.

  2. Kran says:

    That’s not the cockpit from any of the shown helicopters.

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