14 Planting Mines Directly from Helicopters

Planting Mines Directly from Helicopters

Posted on May 29, 2014 by tim

Another Russian blogger has posted a few photos, with captions, on how mines are being planted with the help of… helicopters. So let’s see what he has got here. According to his story, this system is being used for planting land mines with the help of MI-8 Russian copters.

There are two types of such systems he reviewed. One is where the mines are being set on the outer “wings” of the copter.

Mines go in cartridges and are placed on both sides of the helicopter, in total there can be 116 cartridges.

Those 116 cartridges can carry up to 7424 mines, depending on the size of the mines being used!

Mines are being loaded…

It should take around forty minutes to load all of the mines.

Mines are loaded and the helicopter is ready for launch.

Going to the field that is going to be mined.

Mines being shot from the cartridges, outer cartridges first, then the inner ones.


This system proved to be effective while mining mountain roads, etc. In one minute, an MI-8 copter can plant up to 7000 mines in an area of up to two and a half kilometers square.

Mines are planted, the copter is back in the field.

Here is one more system for the same purpose:

This time the mines are not carried on the “wings” but they’re in a special machine inside the copter which is preloaded with mines.

Also, different types of mines can be used, as you can see on the pictures.

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14 responses to “Planting Mines Directly from Helicopters”

  1. edgar says:

    Russians can only make devices to kill people.

  2. Maxim Ч. says:

    What a horrible invention. Russia needs to sign and ratify the Montréal Protocol ASAP.

  3. Stavros says:

    Thanks for sharing. Mines slow advancing armies, deny ground to and advancing enemy and protect an army’s flank – that is the right or left side, from a lateral attack. Mines save soldiers lives by protecting a side from attack. The problem is clearing all of them after the war is over so they do no claim civilian lives. They are a horrible weapon of war. War should be horrible so there is pressure on politicians to avoid war and examine the facts in any international crisis truthfully then apply international law fairly tp work out a solution. When one or both sides in a dispute lie or deceive and the press cooperates in publishing lies and deceptions they manipulates the truth. The only choice that other side has is to stop pointless negotiations and prepare for war.

  4. Stavros says:

    Before the war both sides have negotiations. Most people think talks are held to avoid a war but in most cases it is a stalling tactic to move forces in to place to gain an advantage for a blitzkrieg attack. Air deployed mines are used in such cases where a defender needs to stop an attacking army or cover a retreating army from attack.

  5. casper noir says:

    agreed. Aren’t mines one of the leading killers of innocent civilians in wars???? An for years and years following wars. This seems like a step backward, not forwards!!!!

  6. Juhani says:

    These are called cluster mines and they are not solely used by Russia. I guess most of you can figure the countries also using cluster mines. I have been trained to dispose these things and tons after tons of these things are still laying in Kosovo and Yugoslavia. Basically if you drive off a mountain road in Kosovo, you’ll probably hit a cluster mine field. Some cluster mines can self destruct after a period of time, but most just stay in the ground for decades for someone unfortunate to find.

  7. Sarah Robberts says:

    I work in marketing for a prosthetics manufacturer. Since social support for wounded veterans is being reduced, we find it harder and harder to help them, and more importantly, make a profit from them. They are just too poor to be interesting for us. This new invention is simply marvelous. The Russian military frequently operates in markets in which we are not active. Hopefully this device will increase demand and enable us to open up new geographical sectors, maybe even with local production to keep our costs down.

  8. George says:

    Unlikely any of those mines will ever be disarmed or picked back up. Just left there for years to kill people, even after the war.

  9. jery says:

    Mine is the most horrible weapon invented, well but if you think about it its all completely f%$# up – we should stop killing ourselves its 2014 – we should work together to conquer space to find another planets – I hoped for that when I was a kid… and here we are still playing the tribal wars, led by the greedy primitive politicians, crazed by consumption,media and propaganda. Human spirit is almost extinct

  10. Stavros says:

    Do the Russians have a mine clearing device for the humanitarian mine clearing programs of anti personnel mines. The Danish created the Ardvark it is a MRAP vehicle with a rotating shaft on a long boom, the boom has sets of weighted chains that flail the earth which disturbs the mine and detonates it. They work well for clearing land that is mined with anti personel mines. There are you tube videos of the machine in action.

  11. luis curiel says:

    Mal producto….

  12. luis curiel says:

    Why not plant them in the United States? ……… Would be very interesting …. result be the end of the cold war ….

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