0 Life of One KA-18

Life of One KA-18

Posted on May 29, 2014 by tim

KA-18 is a Russian helicopter made by Kamov. Only about two hundred of these were built, with the first taking flight in 1955, according to Wiki.  As Russian blogger Doroshenko reports, this particular KA-18 was built in 1960 for the All-Russian Exhibition Centre exposition of same year. Later it was used in the flight division stationed near Moscow city. In 1971 it was decommissioned but that didn’t end its story…

In 1975, a Russian general paid a visit to a flight division where the already disassembled helicopter was offered to him as a gift for a museum rather than just sending it to scrap metal collectors. As one person recalls in his book, this was the only one KA-18 available at the time in the whole Soviet Union, and the general who got it as a gift ordered it to be painted with the Air Force coloring before being placed in the museum. People didn’t know if any KA-18 ever actually served in the Air Force, as this one was from the civic flight division, so they improvised and made it look like it was from the military operation.

These are the photos of this KA-18 in the museum in 1983, while the first photo was from the Moscow Exposition of 1960. Later it was repainted in the civilian livery again.


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