6 Border Guard Day 2014

Border Guard Day 2014

Posted on May 28, 2014 by tim

Today it was Border Guard Day in Russia – the day when ninety-six years ago a Soviet Border Guard was established by the order of Sovnarkom (who reported to Lenin himself at time). Since then, the 28th of May is the day. Wiki says that “foreign countries” that were previously a part of USSR honor this day for their border guards as well and celebrate it too. So Russian blogger Ilya went out to check on what the Moscow people were up to on Border Guard Day.


“The border is shut!” says the sign on the flag of the Border guards.

Border guards traditionally wore the green headwear, and some have kept their green hat since the day they were discharged so they can wear it on the 28th of May.


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6 Responses to “Border Guard Day 2014”

  1. George says:

    America used to have border guards.

    America used to have borders….

  2. sasza says:

    Pijane świnie

  3. Matthew says:

    Border Guards – Keeping slavs out of Europe since 1918. Good Job! Now, if they could just prevent shit disturbers carrying AA missiles and light machine guns from entering Ukraine.

  4. aquarius says:

    you hater rats should return in your holes asap !!


  5. alex says:

    Russia isn’t just a place on earth… it’s a state of mind // what a morons!

  6. Jamie says:

    Matthew, Ukrainians are Slavs too. Time for Russia to extend her borders to the Carpathians to stop these Slavs from entering Europe lol

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