0 Hydro Station on Azure Waters

Hydro Station on Azure Waters

Posted on May 27, 2014 by tim

The Miatlinskaya HPS – is the third stage of the hydroelectric power stations cascade, which are located near the village of Miatli in Dagestan. The installed capacity of the HPS is 220 MW, and the average annual output – 690 million kW • h. In addition, the reservoir formed by the Miatlinskaya HPS provides a drinkable water supply for Makhachkala city, the capital of Dagestan.

Water flows by these pipes from the reservoir of Miatlinskaya to the city of Makhachkala.

The dam of the Miatlinskaya. It is an arch type of dam.

On the 9th of April 1983 – construction began. It was finished in January of 1985.

The height of the Miatlinskaya dam is 73 meters, the crest length – 179 m

Water is supplied to the hydraulic units at the diversion tunnels.

The hydroelectric power station dam forms a small water reservoir with an area of ​​1.72 square kilometers, and a capacity of 16.2 million cubic meters.

The dam has four weirs, the width of each one is 14 meters.

The water pipes.

A surge tank. Its depth is 27 m. Its main functions are protection from hydraulic shock, and to control the power of the hydro turbines.

The central dashboard.

The machine room. It’s length is 72 meters. The 2 Kaplan hydro units have a capacity of 110 MW.

Repairing the #1 unit.

A new unit.

An old unit.

After the replacement of the generator it will be able to increase the capacity of the hydraulic unit from 110 to 140 MW. In August  2014 work will begin on replacing the second hydraulic unit at Miatlinskaya HPS.


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